Alon I info

I know there are some of you who have Alon I speakers.  I just joined you having pickup a pair that need new woofer surrounds (they are 99% deteriorated).  I'd like to verify that the factory original surround was also foam and not solid rubber, so that I can restore the true sound.  

Also if anyone has a scan of the manual, I'd love it if you would share it with me.  One of the things I want to learn is: are the terminals simply for bi-wire, or can they be used for bi-amping since the crossover is not easily accessible to see how it is wired.  I'd like to bi-amp, but of course I have to be 100% sure before I make the mistake that cost me two nice amps once!  "Just check it with an Ohm meter", you might say.  But that is not so easy for one who has blown amps like I have.

I'm going to try driving them with a Parasound amp or an old Carver amp (both are 100W I believe).
Contact Nola for info on the Alon speakers. Bill Legal at Miller Sound in PA knows the speakers and will refoam them for you.