alon circe s

any thoughts on these what about room size have alon 5's they work great but looking to upgrade butonly have a 14.5 x15.5 room what do you think
Hi Lake; I've been looking for speakers in this price range too (used), I recently read a review that indicated that the Circe's would/could overwhelm my 14 X 22 room. That said, they could "work" but only if they sound good at low volume settings, IMHO. I'm considering the Vand. 5s because the bass is room tunable (presently have the 3Asigs). Good Hunting. Craig.
Lucky you, to be contemplating this upgrade.

Small room...very tricky. Check out the issue of TAS June/July 2000 (issue 124?) reviewer Art Pfeffer has Circes in his reference system - in a smallish upper story room. He's a big Alon fan.

Circes footprint is smaller than the Vs. They go low, but I thought their calling card was tranparency, refinement, accuracy, macro/micro dynamics, not just bass extension. I have Alon Vs too and it would be hard for me to give up the neutrality, transparency and coherence of my Alons. The key would be if you would be able to pull Circes far enough away from walls, which you surely must be doing with your Vs already. If your room can handle the Vs without bass bulge it may handle the Circes - you might not get all they are capable of, but it could still be doable. Careful mating of electronics, cables and front end would probably be critical. Is it possible for you to audition?

Why don't you call your Alon dealer? Or Carl Marsichotto directly?? I called him with a question and he was very helpful. Vandies are nice but they may be a shock after the ALons.