Alon 2's-can they be driven w/ 50w int amp??

I'm thinking of getting a Golden Tube si50 mk2 to pair with my Acarian Alon 2's. However, I'm kind of "iffy" about partnering a full-range speaker with a rated sensitivity of 87dB with a 50-watt tube integrated amp. Has anyone tried these speakers with an amp like the Golden Tube?
I would suggest calling Alon. I have found them very helpful with questions in the past. They are listed in Audiogon. Alon's are definitely very tube friendly.
I had Dalquist Dq-8's mated w/an SI-50 and didn't think it was a good match. If you listen to mostly jazz in a small room and at lower volumes you may be all right, but I would recomend looking for something else with more power.
hey I own a pair of alon II mki powered by my audioprism debut tube amp 50 watts x2 and it sounds really wonderfull with plenty power to spare never go past 10' on the volume knob,speaker placement is the key(done it so many times!:)).
should work with the golden amp but not sure about their power efficiency all amp are not made equal,the original golden did not seem to have a solid reputation,mk2 might be better.
if you have a chance test it first that would be the only way to know for sure.
soon will be running the alon with a second A.P amp on repair for know.
the added power does bring out more bass out of the sealed enclosure of the alon,but if your amp has good high current power,the 50 watts will do the job but more might be better again mostly for the bass.good luck Thierry.
i'm using a 35 watt tube amp with my merlin tsm at 87db for me....
HELLO,I have owned alon11 mk11.they work well with tubes or s.s.I would pass on the golden tube amps though!many better choices,and i would also get more power.i also still own dahlquist dq10 and dq20 speakers.the alons are almost the same as the dahlquists but warmer sounding.they work excellent with an all tube preamp and a good 200watt/ch. solid state amp. RICH
I am using cj mv-55 on my Alon II's (45WPC) and percieve no problems. Bass may not be as tight and controlled as with greater ss power but the Alon's are rich with tube, however I previously used a NEW DCA60 class a ss, aprox. 120WPC at 4 ohms) with my Alon's and only percieved slightly more control of bass more than offset by the richer more palpable presence of the cj. IMO more tube power (over 100wpc) may give you everything the Alon II has to give in the bass while keeping the richness of the mids and treble. good luck Scott
just a thought,alon speakers will "sound" as good as the front end gears used in front of them,very neutral in nature and highly revealing of bad sources.if you use SS better miked it up with tubes as mentioned earlier.