Aloia PST11.01Preamp w/phono

Just curious. I saw this for sale, but could not find any reviews and little other information. Has anyone heard of or heard this. Thanks.
jperry...i owned the aloia 11.01 along with the 13.01 amp..actually i had 2 of the amps in a biamped setup.the 11.01 is a great preamp.lars fredell,before he passed away,in ultimate audio magazine,called the combo as good as his very expensive lamm setup in most ways.if you can get one used you won't be is a very good.
I owned 10.01 and 13.01, my view Aloia does an excellent prepower combo. Preamp gives you loads of details, resolution, very good in staging. Power gvies you tremendous bass which cant be judged by look at its size. Best to play with monitor, but floor standing also works. I used it to drive Sonus Faber Amati before. Very good results. Dyna Contour 1.8mk2, good details but never feel bright.
I've had the aloia pre-amp in systems with plinius SA-100s amps, aloia 13.01 amps and goldmund M28 amps driving both Dunlavy V and Piega C-40 speakers. I've found it a great general use pre-amp. Solid performance with an open and detailed sound. I also own a Pass labs X-1 and would not repace the aloia in my reference system. It is just a more refined sound for my ears. Sometimes I get the itch for a tube front end, but whenever I try one, I can't take the additional noise the tubes bring. This pre-amp will spoil you.
Aloia is the best buy in the market. The preamp and phono were better sounding than The CAT signature in my system.The CAt is ranked as one of the best pre in the market and costs around 6k. You can't go wrong with the Aloia pre especially at the used price. I am using it with the 150I aloia amps which are a major upgrade from the 130I amps