Aloia amp question, re: bridging

Can the Aloai amps be bridged to monoblocks? My speakers are not biwireable (Talon Khorus) and I'm not sure that one 30++ watts amp is enough for me.
There is no metion of bridging in the Aloia manuals. As far as I can tell, they are not.
No. They cannot be made into mono's. They can be bi-amped though (one amp to run the highs and one for the bass). This helps a lot. The Talons really do like power though. I have had both and I wouldn't go that way. You might consider the new larger Aloia amp which I believe has 60 watts a channel. I don't sell Aloia anymore so I'm not sure about the specs on the new one.
The new Aloia is rated 60 but produces 3 times the power under load.150 is really more like it.Any amp can be bridged to mono but this does not necessarily improve critical areas like current and damping factors.I have bridged the Aloia and found it to work quite well but have not approached the factory about the specs involved.We dont recommend this as the new amp excels far beyond the original.Watch for upcoming reviews.
Excuse my ignorance. I wasn't aware that all stereo amplifiers could be bridged into mono-blocks without some kind of after market modification. Live and learn I always say.
JC you are correct in that it requires aftermarket mods to accomplish the bridge or to paralell.I did not mean to imply it came selectable from the factory.If you paralell the channels you eliminate the loss of ability for the amp to handle low impedence and the damping factor remains the same.