Almost there but not quite....

I'm really enjoying my system at the moment however i'm hoping to introduce a tad bit of warmth and air to the music. At times i'm hearing a bit too much netrality this again could be due to the recordings i'm listening to

I'm asking for people's comments how to acheive this with my current electronics and room

I have pictures of my system posted in the virtual systems pages
At first glance my first suggestion would be to lose the Television from the sweet spot..That has to have a big negative impact...........
Thorman would love to lose the televison however the other half would kick my behind. My kid also loves where the television resides and it wouldn't be fair to remove it.

For critical listening I place a Gik 242 panel in front which does a great job at killing any reflections
Well, you might scoot the speakers a little bit farther apart so that you're not quite so nearfield, and just for kicks try toeing them in severely so that they criss-cross in front of the listening position. If you want a warmer tonal balance, you might use even more toe-in or move the speakers closer to the wall behind them or move your listening position closer to the wall behind you (maybe shift everything to the right six inches if that big slanty edge intrudes). You might try removing the absorptive panels that are fairly far away from either the speakers or your listening position, like those ones to the far left; late arriving lateral reflections are often psychoacoustically pleasing.

These are little more than guesses, and even if they help in one area there may be undesirable trade-offs in another. But... they don't cost anything to try!

Thanks Duke will give a few of these suggestions a try
You have a problematic room. You certainly are sitting in a near field listening position. I would expect you are losing a lot of air and spaciousness due to that listening position. Is a short wall configuration possible? Try to get further away from the speakers, they need some room to breath.
Awesome speaker choice Musicfile, I'm very familiar with them and Intuitive Design Deltas (also of granite)
Thx Rx8man

While the room may be problematic the Sasons sound excellent in their current room configuration If I wasn't such a stickler on acheiving that last ounce of musicality hence the sickness I should shut up and just enjoy the music
If you have very good sound already, you could try some tube rolling. Amperex tubes sound very good in the Mantissa preamp...I use 7308's, or 6dj8's in mine. Both have very good sound IMO, the 7308's are focused and vivid...everything in it's place. The 6dj8's are less focused, more bloom...a little more forward sounding.

I have RCA clear tops in the front...(not, as big a deal).

Of course the room is some amount of problem, but you already know that. I suspect the long wall placement and near field listening, are the cause of a more neutral sound, and with less air. (probably not a bad thing in that room)

And you are right....sometimes it is the album, and not the system.

Thanks Dave for chiming in with your comments

I currently have amperex in both positions of the manitissa 6dj8 and 7316 the sound is very good. Part of the neutrality i'm hearing is my Mantissa is decked out with vcaps through out which imparts a very neutral sound and the Sason's are as neutral as can be but are highly musical (Well thought out Kudo's to RSAD guys)

At this stage I was hoping to warm things up a bit...perhaps adding a bit of warmth by way's of a tweak i've heard maple blocks underneath components or a Power cord in the right position could do the trick

Any further opinions appreciated
Anybody else care to add any further comments ?
If you're looking to add a warm power cord, you might want to audition a VH Audio AirSine. Air and spaciousness are supreme. Get it with the Wattgate gold plated terminations for maximum warmth. You could also try the Porter Ports AC outlets, again a very relaxed, yet highly resolving piece.
Wine. I'm not kidding.
Yeah an occasional drink while listening makes everything sound so much better
What tubes are you using in the Exemplar 2900? I upgraded mine with a pair of Amperex 7062 pinched waist tubes. The improvement over the GE 6829 tubes that came with the unit is not subtle.
Yoby i'm having a hell of a time trying to find a pair of 7062 pw and yes i've attempted to contact the retailer you purchased yours from,to date no response.