Almost had her...

My wife and I were discussing the miscelaneous minutae of our daily lives last night at dinner when she told me that she wanted to throw out all the CDs in her car's changer. I asked her why, and told her (to cover my own butt) that our two-year-old daughter had picked out all of Mommy's current music. She said that all of the discs sounded bad. The Chicago (chicago XVI, I think) sounded particularly flat.

Of course I smelled blood right away. I said, "Hooray! I get to go shopping." She asked why and I told her that if she could hear the difference, we needed new gear. Perfectly logical, right? Then I started talking about how the stereo had always been MINE, but now it could be OURS. That, I think, scared her off and she started back peddling.

Sigh, it was fun while it lasted.
why CD why not analogue?
too funny Mac...should have set the hook before trying to reel that fish in.
it stands to reason why she wanted to throw the disc's out.... bands that are named after cities, stink!!!
How about a turntable for her car?
Perhaps Marakanetz knows of someone who make a turntable for the car.
Yo bet Macdonj!

EMT laser pickup turntable that has a tray like in CD-player and has a line-level output that will easily integrate with car audio. The only thing left is to rearrange the power supply for the 12VDC and that can be probably done if requested from the manufacturer that will not probably charge too much extra for already >$10k priced

Have fun and tell me if it worked if you get it:-)
sorry, i meant ELP turntable not EMT...

I think I'd have to upgrade my '91 Honda to suit such an extravagant source of car audio. Lexus or BMW?:-)