Almarro M1A?

What are your opinions about the Almarro M1A? Thanks in advance.

Can't respond to the M1A's, but I do own the M33A's ... extremely musical speakers ... all of the positives of full-range drivers, but low end down to a claimed 35Hz, and I'd bet that's fairly accurate. Every bit the speaker that my Cains/Bailey were, but in a lot smaller package that will NOT leave you wishing for more ... immediate, totally coherent, detailed, fast, dynamic, extension in both directions ... using with a 318B

I have the the 318B and, before buying, auditioned it with the M1As. All the descriptors Arkprof mentioned apply quick, coherent, etc., etc. Suprising quick, snappy bass for their size and highs that are extended but not bright or exaggerated in any way - really a delight and a wonderful match with the 318B.

IMO, though they're demure style & price wise; soundwise, they're anything but - one of better VFM champs on the market today. If I didn't already have 6 pairs of monitors, I would have picked up a pair in a heartbeat.