Almarro A318B/Cary 300 SE Signature Amps

Has anyone had any experience using Sophia Electric 6SN7 and 6SL7 tubes in these two amps? I have used the manufacturers stock tubes for some years now and am considering replacements for both amps.I have already replaced the Cary's 300Bs with EAT 300Bs.

I've used the Sophia 6SN7 and 6SL7 in my Almarro A318B amp.
They are good, but I tried the Black Treasure CV181 and it is better in all aspects on the 6SN7 side. On the 6SL7 I went with a Mullard ECC35 and have yet to find a better combination on that amp. YMMV
I own Cary CAD300 sei and replaced Sophia's 6SN7 right away for many NOS, which are, imo, way better in many ways.

On the other hand, lots of folks swear by them, but to me, Chinese made tubes aren't even close to an good NOS, especially at the price of USD100 each, crazy, if you ask me.

To name a few: GE5692 Brown base, Sylvania VT231, Sylvania 6SN7W, Fivre 6SN7 or Tung Sols Black coated glass round plates, Sylvania Chrome coated ( not just top, but the one that covers the glass lower to the base, but even Chrome top only will do good job ), ECC33 Mullard Brown base, Brimar CV1988.

Some of above are more expensive than others, but Sylvania, in general, made lots of very good sounding tubes and can be hit for a very nice price if you shop around.
Thanks Zmanastronomy and Maxmad, your comments appreciated.
My Cary 805 AE's and an older Cary 300b push pull use 6sn7's. I use the BT CV181's and nos Sylvanias. The Sylvanias are my favorite. I did try the Sophias and was happy with them in these amps, definitely better than the stock ones.