Almarro a318B and Audio Note ANe Speakers

Any thoughts on how this amp might drive ANe HE speakers?

The A318B will drive those very well. 94-95.5 db is a great load for this amp. It's a very high current amp that has very good bass and the highs are exceptional.
The mids are extreamely good. I've owned my A318B for two years now. I'm very satisfied.
Hope this helps.
I used to own the 318A version. It differs from the 318B in that it has zero feedback. Both are rated at 18 watts and it drove my Proac Signature 2000's just fine. They are rated at 8 ohms and only 87db. So I would think you would not have any problems driving the more efficient Audio Notes to high levels with the Almarro. I hope this helps.
I drove Audio Note kit 2 (94db) and kit 3 (97 db) speakers with my Audio Note Soro SE which has 18 wpc easily

the Soro is very robust for 18 watts but I think you are safe.
Thnaks all.

Anyone out there have personal expirience with this combo?
I ran pair of AN-E Spe He for a while with Almarro A318B. It was nice, but the synergy of all AN set made me replace Almarro with Audio Note Meishu.

The difference between Meishu and Almarro wasn't that great when using EE minimax dac. Almarro having more bass impact and maybe slightly less ambiance.

Replacing EE minimax dac with Audio Note dac 0.1x (loaner) through Meishu to AN-Es made all the difference.

I hoped the dac would've been the key so I wouldn't have needed to sell Almarro and spend any more money, but while running the same AN dac through Almarro to AN-es did sound somewhat smoother and relaxed than EE minimax dac, the real magic happened when the whole audio chain was by Audio Note.

So in short, Almarro plays well with AN-Es, but try to get to listen them with AN source and AN amplification.
Thank you Janj1.

I have breadboarded a WE91A 300b amp with Audio Note output transformers. Am enjoying listening to it drive the ANe's. The amp has good pace and a lovely smooth tone. Once I am through tinkering with the sound, will need to deside on a chassis.