Almarro 318B vs. Cayin A-50T sonics?

OK, I've researched this to death and have narrowed down to these two candidates for my bedroom system .. driving Energy RC-mini spkrs.
Used mostly for jazz, classical, modest volumes in bedroom.

I love the look of both and they both have great reviews. They are both within my budget reach as well. Problem is there is no show-room I can drive to that has either or both to listen to. So ... I'll have to pick and order. I'd love to hear if anyone has opinions between these two models? I realize the output power difference but, what about sound character and quality?

I plan to relook at my speakers down the road so, I can always optimize further.

I had previously had a 3w/ch MC-30 and loved the sound but .... not quite enough "beef".

I vote for the Cayin for a little more power and extention, the Almarro 318 B for a slightly richer more laid back midrange.

The if your Energy speakers have an efficiency rating above 90 ( have never heard them), the Almarro will probably be better liked by a classical music lover. The sound of the Almarro seems to be positioned between overly smooth (to me) older Conrad Johnson gear and the Cayin (which is also warm, yet more extended than the Almarro and a bit more powerful - although not quit as wonderfully warm and textured in the midrange as the Almarro).

By the way, if you get an Almarro and can come up with the cash, Mullard ECC35 (6SL7) and ECC34/ECC32/ECC33 (6SN7) tubes are a great combo.