Allsop technique

Hi all,

I just received my Allsop Orbitrac 2 kit. There are two options: use the non-skid pads, or clean records right on the turntable platter, holding the platter steady with fingers. Question, which is preferable, and why? (I have a Planar 2, glass platter). The latter sounds a lot less hassle, but perhaps more risky. But I may be missing something.

Any experienced economy-minded record cleaners out there with opinions/advice?

I also just got the extreme phono solid state stylus cleaner. Any words of wisdom before I dip my diamond?

Follow extremephono's instructions exactly:
- never submerse the end of the cantilever
- don't leave the stylus in the gunk for long
It's not a stylus bath, it's a quick cleaning swipe. Dip it in using your cueing lever, raise it right back up and repeat a few times in a fresh spot. Works like a charm for me.
I have a planar 3 and an orbitrac and I always use the non-skid pads on the kitchen table because I don't like the idea of putting that amount of pressure on the turntable bearings, and possibly bashing the arm as well.

Also I have found that very dirty LPs come out better using the orbitrac pad soaked in pure isopropyl alcohol (99%) and then rinsed with distilled water and carefully dried with paper towels. It seems to get more of the crud off.