Allnic Synergy

What amp would sound best ( other than an Allnic amp) with the Allnic L-1500 linestage, Allnic H1201 phonostage, and Allnic Puritas cartridge? Any experience with this combo?
Speakers are B&b 801 matrix 11 with new crossovers by Solen.
Thanks D.

The L1500's transformer coupled output's very low impedance (150 ohms) assures a good marriage of most amplifiers whether the design be solid state or vacuum tube.

Considering the 87dB efficiency of the 801's, a decent solid state amp such as Classe or some of the Levinson offerings will work very well coupled with the Allnic line stages proven in trials in my home.


David Beetles
Hammertone Audio Partnered with
Allnic Audio
Thanks David, appreciate the recomendation. D