Allnic M-3000 monoblocks

These amps look pretty interesting, delivering 120 push-pull watts per channel via KT120 tubes. Almost no commentary on web, though. Anyone heard them?
I have not heard them but have spoken to a few people that own them. The owners I've spoken to say they are awesome. I own the Allnic T-1500 300B Integrated amp.
Thanks, Lak. Surprisingly little first-hand experience of these amps.
The M3000 is 140wpc in pentode and 60 wpc in triode mode rolling KT120s. It also works with KT150s.

I spoke with David Beetles @HammerTone Audio this morning. I'm very interested and trying to find a pair to demo. He's going to hook me up with a local dealer ... local means USA. LOL!
Cool! Please post your impressions.
Knghifi, have you had the chance to audition the M3000 yet? I'll be very interested in what you think of them.
Wrm57, sent you PM. Been too busy with work so sorry for late reply.