Allnic L3000 need help with tubes

I recently aquired an Allnic L4000 upgraded to 3000 specs. I noted that the meters are not centered, rather, are just to the left of center which according to the manual suggests that the E810F are worn. Easy enough, it was shipped with spares so I removed the cage but found that I cannot remove the tubes. I don't wish to try a Herculean grip and rip or break a tube in my hand.

Given the fact that this preamp sounds glorious as it is, I want to keep it that way but if tubes are worn - can it sound even better?

Am I missing something?
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Well, I figured out how to change the tubes. The Allnic comes with a special tube puller. That did the job. Didn't notice much of a change changing tubes but an hour later I noticed a hum. I played with cables going from balanced to single ended and now I have a permanent hum - a loud permanent hum. Doesn't matter what I do. Checked AC cable, tried different sources, different cables but the hum remains.

Looks like I have a broken Allnic :(
Actually what the problem was is broken brain cells. My 1 year old who's passion is performance audio (just like his daddy) is constantly loitering around daddy's equipment (today we buy the barrier). So the Allnic's volume control was pegged full on. I mistaked the indent for the set screw as the marker for volume - DOH!

So what was being output was full gain and a lot of associated hum. Now I wish in fact that there simply was no hum output but I'll use the gain on the DAC and the phono preamp to lower the volume control on the Allnic to counter its hum.

Ho hum.
So did the meter move to the center and did the sound improve??
I can answer that as I've been to Michaels house several times. Yes, the Pre sounds great! He simply needed to change tubes. So good in fact that I bought one myself.
I have an 4000 updated to L3000 as well and love it.Also picked up the H3000 phonostage. Get the tube puller if you have not already. Have not had to use it yet and am a little nervous. Maybe I misunderstood but the meter should be within the small square to the right of center on each window. The individual that services Allnic lives in Kelowna BC and is excellent (Ron Heintze 250-764-1234)and David at Hammeetone is very helpful. I had way to much gain initially with the allic and had Ron upgrade the unit to deliver 14db of gain instead of the 20 as is ususlly configured