Allnic KS Park visit to USA

KS Park, designer and owner of Allnic Audio is due to arrive in Dallas, TX on Dec 2, 2013 for a week visit.

Anyone in DFW area or traveling this way is invited to meet KS and listen with us at Rick Schultz home (High Fidelity Cables) or my home, where he will spend most of his time.
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Awesome, I'll try to drive up on Tues..would love to meet him and hear your new H5000 DHT phono stage!
Thank you John, look forward to seeing you.
Larry, they have flights from Ohio to DFW every day :^). Wish you could listen with us and meet KS.
Looks to be a fun and edifying event, one that I'll be sorry to miss. Now, if you could postpone it for 12 days, I'd be in Austin anyway...:)

You're welcome to join us when travel takes you to Austin but unfortunately KS will be back at work in S. Korea then.
Thanks! for sharing.