Allnic Amber Cartridge

I have had the terrific pleasure of now listening to this terrific  new cartridge for several hours.
It exhibits wonderful timber, solid base, great soundstage width and depth, and extended highs, all in what I perceive to be perfect balance.  If it improves further with reputed break-in, I will have to have someone come to my home and lift my jaw off the floor!!  Thank you to John Ketchum of Kevalin Audio on the West Coast, who took my Classe DR-6 in on trade for this beauty.....
I am glad you posted, and I now know about this cartridge.   

anyone else with Allnic experience?

My first MC cartridge AT33/PTG II is my current favorite, primarily due to it's wide separation combined with tight center image, besting the imaging of my long favorite Shure V15vxMR with new Jico SAS stylus on boron. Full frequency range with discernable crisper highs, revealed via new LP's of several favorites and new discoveries.

my favorite imaging/anti-skate test tracks are side 2, tracks 2 and 3, where all 3 guitarists play, with excellent engineering, it reveals those qualities.

Your's shows channel sep over 30 db, and an extreme channel balance of .1db, hard to believe, mine is .5db which is tighter than many.

signal strength and impedance are perfect for my SUT,  I have written distributor for a price, for when the bug bites again.

There is a bunch written over on What's Best Forum about the new Allnic Rose and Amber cartridges.  Each has its own strengths and an increasing number of customers have both!

David Beetles of Hammertone Audio is the worldwide wide distributor out of Kelowna, British Columbia.  Don Corby, Corby Audio out of Toronto, Ontario and John Ketcham (myself), Kevalin Audio, Portland, Oregon.  Feel free to contact any of us with questions.