Allnic 5000DAC

Did anyone see the latest review in Stereophile. John Atkinson said it was the worst specs he had ever measured for a digital dac. I don't go wholly by specs, but even the frequency response was ragged and way over the map on this dac.

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Before I read the review, I thought maybe Allnic took the Audio Note approach of not filtering the digital datastream, which would lead to some poor measurements. I was frankly surprised that the Allnic employed upsampling and other digital manipulations and measure that badly.

So the reviewer said it was the best-sounding digital he ever heard, and JA said it was the worst-measuring digital he ever saw. Go figure. IMO, that reviewer was not qualified to review this product, as his experience with digital was extremely limited. His preference is analog and his digital consists of a $450 Halide dac. Also, as Lula pointed out, it appears that the Allnic was only reviewed via the USB input, and there could potentially be large differences, for better or worse, using a transport through the SPDIF input or whatever.
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