Allnic 1201 replacement tubes?

Hello all ...I have an Allnic 1201 phonostage and I think the Mullard E180CC’s are nearing the end . Should I pick up the same NOS Mullards are there alternatives where I won’t lose performance? 
Also they seem difficult to pull . Like they are loose at bottom and will just rip apart but I might be overthinking it..? Thanks 

VPI super prime scout 
tekton encore
manley snappers / jumbo shrimp
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I believe I saw tube replacment in question
on the Hammertone site.
I would be very careful without the tube puller tool.   It’s a bit challenging even with the tool.
@pops I found the tool , it is very difficult to pull tubes , you’re right ! What a hassle . On top of that , now my left side is acting up , low volume and not as full , like a cold solder joint , 😫 even changed tubes , same result .