Allman Brothers: Live at the Fillmore East

Would this be the definitive place to start for 20 minute blues-jam euphoria?
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what a kick ass album , another fantastic live allman bros album is one way out.

it seems to me that the longer the allman bros are around the better their music gets.

Yes ,incredeble music,best recording to play air guitar too!!!!unlike most long jams not a dull moment
"You Don't Love Me" at 19 min has got jams, blues, and everything else going on. I recommend the 200 gram LP reissue.

The "Mountain Jam" recorded during that same monumental run and issued on "Eat A Peach" is also great including a staggering bass solo by Barry Oakley.
Check out "Hittin' The Note" cd ... very nice!!
It screams Dwane ....
Don't forget the Outlaws.
Check out The Allman Brothers Band " The Fillmore Concerts". Whipping Post and Mountain Jam are back to back. It's a great remaster by Tom Dowd and Bill Levenson. The Booklet is great reading.

acclaimed recording engineer Tom Dowd was called in at the last minute to 'save' the recording of Live at Fillmore East which was supposed to be a difficult venue to record in for some reason. Thank you Mr. Dowd is all I have to say about that! I think it sounds great and of course I love the performance and still have remorse at the loss of the great Duane Allman...

I read that Duane Allman used to listen to Miles Davis Kind of Blue endlessly. I found that interesting and he was not the only musician who did that but I forget the others.

BTW there is a special on Tom Dowd that runs on TV, either IFC or Sundance channel that is very interesting, he is one of the greats.
I was there in person, ah the good old days. I bought my first Les Paul Geetar because of Duane, now I have ten of them including a 1957 Goldtop like Dicky used to play. I basically copied every lick they played and that is how I learned to play the guitar.

Happy Listening.
Check out Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival, another great one by the Allman Brothers Band
Tom Dowd is amazing on a board. And the Allman bro's are great. Great albums.
One of my favorite albums as well. Nothing starts a road trip like Statesboro Blues. I wasn't at that particular show, but I was at the final concert at the Fillmore East that started at 11:30pm with J. Geils, Albert King and the Allman Brothers and didn't end until 7am. Great way to end an era. I also remember seeing them at a free show in Central Park where they did an unforgettable rendition of Whipping Post. Duane was really something to experience.