Allman Brothers DVD cost??

Most concert DVDs price up around $20.00 to $25.00. I'm trying to purchase the Allman Brothers DVD, Live at the Beacon Theater, 2003. Price is coming in at $60.00 and up. Can anyone explain why? I'm baffled. I have quite a collection of concert DVDs and they all cost in that area I mention above. But $60.00 and up is over the line. Anyone have any ideas on this? It can't be out of production because Amazon has plenty in stock. Thanks.
The information that I just found on this title states it's "Out-of-Print" and "Rare"? Also, Amazon doesn't have any. The Amazon Marketplace, (which are private sellers, not affiliated with Amazon per se) have some.
Pdn,have you seen it yet?Personally,I don't think it's that good.Especially at those prices.Just my opinion.
I guess I don't fully understand how Amazon is structured. I thought they sold their products from one large distribution center. But these DVDs are in stock somewhere it appears. No I haven't seen this concert yet but it received a number of good reviews on-line. So based on those positive reviews, decided to make a purchase. But no concert DVD is worth $60.00. Why would this one be out of print and yet the other Allman Bros DVD concerts are not? The concert was just from 2003 and already it's out of production? Makes no sense to me. None. I purchase DVD concerts of artists' performances from much further back than 2003. Baffled !!
Anyone can sell their stuff on Amazon just like eBay. 2003 was almost seven years ago...that's an eternity in the music industry. Not weird at all to be OOP.
My opinion will be little biased as I am a big Allman Brothers fan and have in fact attended some of their Beacon Theater shows.....I just checked the Allman Brothers site and it was not listed.....didn't know that it was out of print. I would keep looking on Amazon, Ebay etc -and if you are big fan....contrary to other views - good stuff is here and I'd buy it, pay the extra and you will have many years to enjoy it and the cost will be long forgotten.....just Gregg doing Sam Cooke's - '' Change is Gonna Come '' is worth the price of admission
Thanks gents. The ABB website does actually includes a rather lengthy positive review of this concert on DVD and does show it in their list of DVDs for sale but states it's out of print. With such a rave review, how could be it out of print? That's the part that simply perplexes me.

But Garebear, you're right. I'll keep looking and if I have to absolutely pay that much, then so be it. Yes, love "Change is Gonna Come".