allman brothers

anybody else heard the allman bros album (hittin the note) yet?

i just bought it & was totally blown away!!
there are several tracks that have some of the best guitar work i have ever heard from any genre.

the song titled INSTRUMENTAL ILLNESS is with out a doubt the greatest guitar work greg allman has ever done.

if you dont have the album yet & you like that type of music then it is a must have!

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Try their at The Fillmore East CD.The Best Live Rock Album ever!!Duanne Allman and Dicky Betts give All Guitar Players some lessons!Talk'in About Must have.....Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule does most of the lead Guitar on Hittin the note album,On The Life before Insanity cd by The Gov't Mule,There's a little o'song called "No Need to Suffer".It's Their "Whipping Post"and They will tie you to it!His guitar solo on this is absolutly unbelivable,One of his best ever and thats saying a lot.Prepare your head for this stuff,My Friend this is...The BIG TIME!!Let me know...JD
I Like it, too. The guys have cleaned themselves up at long last. Sad how many think it is the drugs that give them talent when they already have talent and merely destroy it with the drugs. Anyway, the guitar work on that album is mainly Warren Haynes and some of the very best is by Derek Trucks (nephew of drummer Butch Trucks). His style reminds me hauntingly of Duane Allman.
Give a listen to their "One Way Out" live release from the Beacon Theater run of '03. There is a DVD "One Way Out" also, very good. Both the cd and dvd releases are good mixtures of old and new songs.
All I can say is that if you guys love the CD's you should hear the original mint vinyl on a good rig. Let me tell you, I've heard both and there is NO contest. Not always the absolute case (this is not a CD/LP debate flame), but it is so with Allman material. "Eat a Peach" and "Live at Fillmore"? Incredible.

To anyone who likes the Allmans - do not overlook this often overlooked album - Greg Allman: "Laid Back". It was produced and recorded just after the death of Duane and is, at once, spiritual, uplifting, introspective, and downright sad. Well worth a listen.
Who is coming to NYC to see the Bros in March. We can hook up then?

Happy Listening.
I have seen them live around 10 times and their live show last year was the best I've ever seen them (unfortunately I never saw them with Duanne). Greg is singing the clearest I have ever heard. His organ playing also has renewed enthusiasm. Their live show had three percusionist with guest appearances from 4 local artist. Lots of improviastional jam sessions betwean the band and their guest. This band rocks with the nimbleness of a jazz quartet. One of the guests was Derck Trucks wife Susan Tedeschi. She is a great blues singer... sort of like Bonnie Raite(sp?) with a little more bite.
Derick trucks latest album "Soul Serenade" has a really nice set of songs. It has a little more of a jazz sound with a cool sounding flute.
i dont know what & the hell i was thinking when i said greg allman on guitar,brain fart! i just bought a new pair of mcintosh xrt22 speakers & im discovering things in my collection that i havent gave a 2nd thought about in yrs.

i have a bunch of other allman bros but the thing that stuck in my craw with this 1 was the clear cut jazz influnce that is impressed on it.

lokie, i agree about gregs singing & also with your description of the band playing with the nimbleness of a jazz quartet,it amazes me that i have missed out on how great the allman bros are until now, i have allways loved their music but i never really considered them to be more than a good band, until now & i am currently smokin over my entire collection of them.

Duane, Greg and Warren were heavily influenced by John Coltrane and it shows in much of their music.
I've read that Duanne was obsessed with Davis's 'Kind of Blue."
kind of blue is a great album to be obsessed with its 1 of my all time greats.
Does anyone know of a source for Duane Allman Anthology Vol I on vinyl? I haven't seen it since the early 80's, so have had to settle for cd version (first one -- haven't heard the later 90's re-do), which actually isn't bad on my favorite track, Somebody Loan Me a Dime.

Ditto for the previously mentioned classic Laid Back. Lost my original copy decades ago, but the cd of this one just doesn't do it justice. Appreciate any sources anybody has for lp versions of these, either new or used.