Allison and Snell - Against the Wall

One previous trend that has vanished and I wish would re-appear is speakers designed specifically to go up against the wall.

Sometimes custom line arrays are made like this, but neither Snell nor Allison's approach required line arrays to work correctly.  Is there a brand out there now which has taken up these design ideas?
Martin-Logan Mike’s several models designed to
moin on or fire in front of your walls. 
Klipschhorns, designed to go in corners--that's against two walls, I guess....
There are a few today, but mostly it is in the vintage speakers where you were required or suggested for close wall placement or corner placement because it increases efficiency and bass response, now it is all about detail and soundstage, and the music suffers because of it.
Klipsch Cornwalls.

Boston Acoustics a100, a150, a200...

The a100 series stipulates in the manuals it be placed up against a wall, 2 feet from any corner.

Never heard them, but quite keen on getting my hands on one - want to tear it down and see what they did on the inside.