Allison 3's, anyone?

A very deft and handy A'goner (Doug) refurbished my 30 year old Allison 3's. They are in the corners of a 12X 10 X 7.5 ft room and sound incredible! They don't have the precise detail and tautness of modern speakers, but are very musical and the wide dispersion and wide soundstage are very appealing. Any comments from users on how they compare to modern speakers? Anyone still using them?
the have classics, even by today's standards.
Had the 12" Cubes.Sounded great INITIALLY but only so so as time went on.Remember I saw them have really flat graph in Consumer Reports (like the Bible in my families house) but that was first lesson that specs don't tell everything.Have to say they may have be the only true "bookshelf" speaker since they had top mounted woofer that sounded better under a shelf/.But you hit it on head.I listen t ADS L series, Advents,Klipsch etc but like you said they can't compete modern products thathave gone from paper,to polypropylene Kevlar etc.
I had Ones for a long time, a good while ago. Newer speakers, on the whole, are much better. The Allisons probably sound quite satisfying even today, but the comparison with newer speakers is hardly fair.

It would still be nice to have a pair of Allison Ones (preferably the more recent iteration from the revived, but now defunct I believe, company) with a Luxman receiver of the period just "for old time sakes", but I wouldn't go back to them for general listening.

I hope you enjoy your system. It's the music we listen to that counts the most and not the equipment itself, so whatever gives you musical enjoyment is what, in the final analysis, counts.