Allison 3 information, please

I am using my 1976 vintage, re-furbished Allison 3's as a stop-gap while I decide on a replacement for my Kharma 3.2 FEs, just sold. I am driving them with Atma-Sphere MA 2.2's, and need to know their impedance and sensitivity, as a guage for how my amps will drive difficult loads. Can anyone help? Thanks.
P.S. They sound phenomenal!!!! Too bad they're extinct.
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That's awesome! What a great score. I'm surprised these speakers didn't find an audience the second time around. Klipsch still sells a fair number of their Heritage designs and people who need a speaker that can sit flush against the wall -- but who don't like the Klipsch horn sound -- should love these. It's a shame. Anyway, congratulations on finding what may well be one of the last new Allisons. You should post a review along with some photos of them in situ.
Ekobesky, I owe you! I found a dealer who had a new pair of Allison Ones and Fours. Bought the Fours. Still compare favorably to modern designs after 30 years - although these are the 2002 re-issues. And they sit plumb against the walls - what could be better for an office? Thanks!
If that's the case, then I'd start calling their dealers. There's a listing on the site. You never know...if the company did go belly up, they may have been stuck with some old stock they'd be happy to unload at closeout prices. Heck, I may do that myself...I always wanted a pair of the Fours...Good luck!
Unfortunately, e-mails are returned and the phone line is disabled. I am afraid they are, indeed, sadly, extinct. If you can reach them, I'd be very grateful to hear of it. I would buy a new Allison in a heartbeat.
By the way, I found the specs of my 1976 model, which differ from the one at that website (4 ohms). Thanks, anyway!
They're far from extinct...