Allen wrench size for Triangle Stella?

I just purchased a used pair of Stella ES spkrs and wanted to tighten the drivers. I found a wrench for the tweeters but the bass wrench escapes me. Anyone happen to know what size I need. Thanks in advance.
BE CAREFUL. There are speakers that have to be torqued to the proper tension or damage can occur. Vandersteen speekers and others use those screws during manufacture to hold the speakers in place until freshly applied mastic cures beneath. By moving those screws you can damage stuff. Call/write the manufacturer and ask before you do any "improvements"
I submitted this post but it wasn't posted so here it is again. Be careful about tightening driver screws. Most have to be torqued properly or damage like warping or cracking can occur. There are speakers such as Vandersteens, whose screws are used while manufacuring,only to hold the drivers in place while a special mastic is curing under the driver. If you attempt to move these screws, it will crack the mastic and break. Be Careful...
Thanks Stingreen for the info. I figured with shipping the drivers might be a bit loose but i just managed to tighten the tweeters(they were not really loose). I'll leave well enough alone.