Allaerts down-repair or ??

After about a year in my system,the ECO has ceased to produce any sounds from the left-hand channel.After speaking with my dealer and Audio Advancements,I was told that it would take at least 6 months to get the cartridge repaired.After inquiring further,it appears as if 24 months or more may be the "real" time period.
Would having someone else take a "look" be an unwise course of action,as this would negate my "warranty".
Your thoughts?
Happy Holidays and thanks in advance for your response.
I gave my Allaert Finish for complete rebuild ( cantilever, magnet,case) in june and received it back in october, like new. May I suggest upgrade to MKII, a very wonderful cartridge.
it seem a bit unfair to have to wait 6 to 24 months for warranty work. that is poor customer service.
This is a company with only two hands so be a little human...
I would send it in for repair, but it may be time to obtain a nice backup cartridge. There are some really good ones around that won't break the bank.
Can anyone comment on first-hand experience with the Soundsmith Voice or Ebony Voice?
Jloveys,Did you send your cartridge directly to Jan Allaerts or did it first have to be returned to the dealer,then importer and forwarded to Allaerts?
If you want to own an Allaert cartridge, try and buy a second one as soon as funds permit. Only Jan can fix them, and a Brand-X backup could lead to severe depression ;-)
Dear Tpsonic: I did send the cartridge directly to Jan, but I live in Belgium and curiously we have no Allaerts dealers here. So I recommend that you send him an e-mail to ask him what is the best way to do that. Jan is a very helpful person, he will tell you the cost of repair and estimated time to do it. The repair prices are reasonable.
Best regards.
I got my MC1B in June this year after a 16 month wait; I had to be very patient. Based on my recollection, the Dealer in Singapore mentioned the retip/ repair takes a few months.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this cartridge,though it looks like I may need another,while this one is re-built/repaired.Am considering the Soundsmith "Voice" as the interum contender w/o over-spending.It sounds like an interesting cartridge.Can anyone comment on its' durability? I use the cueing on my Encounter arm,as I have limited vision dus to my diabetes (vitrectomy/cataracts).
Merry Christmas!
Did I read this correctly? The cartridge is just over a year old and now needs to be rebuilt, an operation that will take 1 to 2 years?
I have sent the cartridge to "The Soundsmith" to be evaluated.Upon determination of the problem,it will be forwarded to Allaerts for repair/re-build.Jan Allaerts has contacted me,after sending an e-mail.He stated that the cartridge was built in 2003 and that I should check the input of the phonostage for DC voltage.I understand the cartridge is now being built with a ruby cantilever,which I may have him add during its' repair.
Is it unusual for a cartridge built in 2003 to be sold as "new" by a dealer? As I understand it, these cartridges are in high demand and there is a wait for their delivery.
Thanks for all the help and comments.Best regards,Tom
Tom, did you understand why Jan asked you to "check the input of the phonostage for DC voltage"? You definitely should do that. If the SoundSmith reports that it has a fried coil, that's probably the reason. Jan's cartridges have EXTREMELY fine coil wires that are easily burned by improperly designed or operating phonostages.
Nsgarch,yes- I understand this about his cartridges.It had functioned properly for about 14 months w/o any problem.He also mentioned "static" charge,but I am checking out the phonostage.
I would email Jan directly. He's very nice to deal with. Things have been a bit difficult recently as he had a family bereavement, I believe. I had my MC1B rebuilt by him. It took 8 weeks and 800 euros.

I have decided to tear apart the phono system and re-examine each part of this equation.When I put the cartridge back in,I want to know that each part is up to spec.That way if there is a problem,I know where to look to diagnose.
I have received another e-mail from Jan Allaerts.He has advised me to "not let anyone else touch the cartridge".He also wishes that I send the cartridge to him directly and under insure it with UPS.I am a little uncomfortable with this .I plan to contact Hart,at Audio Advancements to inquire whether he will help with this situation.
I understand that there is a 5-year warranty on it,except for the diamond and cantilever.When I asked about warranty in a previous e-mail,it was not addressed.I am now wondering whether I bought a "trade-in" or demo cartridge.I was told by the dealer that he wanted to mount and listen to the cartridge,prior to shipping it to me.I bought it in good faith that it was a "new" cartridge and no mention was made of any other situation pertaining to it being otherwise.I will be laying out some hard earned cash to have each piece inspected,along with the arm-wiring,phonostage et all.
TP, as long as you have your receipt, noting the serial no. of the cartridge, there should not be a problem. I'm not sure why JA wants you to send it directly to him. If it's currently covered by a warranty, then I believe the dealer from whom you purchased it is the responsible party.

JA might have a perfectly good reason for his request, but first, for your own protection, you should have it in writing from JA and the dealer that there is a warranty currently in effect.
I sent a copy of the invoice to Allaerts,in a JPEG file.The dealer did not have the serial number listed on the receipt,but I took that off the box it came in.That is how JA gave me a manufacturing date of 2003.
Yeah Tom, can't wait to hear who or what is the culprit on this story/nightmare!
Dealers of such high-end gear don't just overlook noting serial numbers on invoices -- unless they have a reason. Regardless, you can still hold the dealer responsible, unless he no longer wants to represent JA ;-)

I sent my cartridge directly to Jan by insured post. It's quicker. He emailed me once he'd received it and usually answers his emails.

I think he's quite proprietorial about his carts and doesn't like anyone else rebuilding them. Mind you, his rebuild costs for a top end cart are pretty reasonable.

I've decided to take Mosins' advice and buy a back-up.Having virtually fell in love with my Allaerts,I have decided to pick-up (no pun intended) another Allaerts.This time I will deal directly with the importer (Hart-Audio Advancements).I am digging deep into my pockets,but having had this GREAT an experience, it would be impossible to turn my back on these cartridges.I plan to grab an Eco II and evaluate it against the sound of the original.This should give me time to decide whether to update mine to the "II" or to "original" status.
I am hoping that Hart/AA will help me out with said "warranty",as the dealer is not returning my calls.
This is not the first problem to have arisen with him.The other, being asked to pay for an armboard that should have been included with my table.That required contacting the company directly,prior to getting results.I can only hope that I will have a similiar conclusion with JAs" Eco cartridge.
Gave a couple calls out to a few dealers.Was able to pick up an Allaerts Eco at a good price.That should keep me spinning vinyl,until the first one comes back.I know that I have thoroughly enjoyed this cartridge and did not want to experiment with another when money is tight.
Thanks again for all your thoughts and to those of you who contacted me trying to help.Happy Listening.Tom