All vandersteen users ?

have been using vk55: 55wpc for a pair of vandersteen 2ce Sig2 where have been recently told by another dealer that unless we hit 200W, one cannot really imagine what these speakers are capable of ..... he mentioned immensely higher 'headroom'

now looking at either upgrading to

1. a pair of vk55 monblocks
2. or just a vk75

Speakers wise, wld be looking at going up to vandersteen quatro...

Qn: Wld 02 x vk55 monoblocks really be too little for vandersteen 2ce Sig2 OR for that matter the quatro..

any advice from any vandersteen users wld be highly appreciated...
I have had both Vandy 2s and 3s and powered them with VTL Compact 100s and DeLuxe 120s with great results, and I like to rock. I also have run the 3s on Parasound JC-1s and they sounded great, but I don't think it was as much the additional power, just better amps. I would look at 100wpc as a minimum for me, but all watts are not created equal and listening preferences and rooms vary.

Good luck!

Theunderlyingtheme, what wouldn't you say is true?
Somewhat contrary to a earlier post my AE-25 Superamp outshines my PS Audio HCA-2 driving my 2C's, 25 watts vs. 150. Sorry if this is not much help, I think the old 2C's had a slightly higher specified sensitivity. I think I can tell you with confidence that the Vandersteens will reveal the superior amp regardless of its specified output. In my room (16x24)a 25w of class A tube amp beats out a popular (I concur) 150w class D.


A dealer was telling you that the 2Ce Sigs won't reach their true potential unless you drive them with something that's 200 watts...

That just seems a little silly.

Driving them with a 175-watt integrated does give them some more "headroom" than a 50-watt integrated (I guess that's the way to put it), but I just don't want you thinking that it's going to be worlds of difference.

The gear you already have should be plenty good!
Theunderlyingtheme, the dealer wasn't telling ME anything, but thank you for the clarification.