All tube system or Tube with SS phono?

Wanted to see the general opinions on these two options...Will I lose alot of bass response and clarity with an all tube lineup?

Option 1: Project debut III>tubebox II>Onix SP3
Option 2: Project debut III>project SS pre or another similarly priced SS pre>SP3

Since I'm going into a tube integrated, does the tube on the phono pre matter as much?

Bass suffers in tube equipment, esp less that very hi $$$$ stuff. Other stuff suffers in ss equipment.
So, maybe go with the SS stage to not lose as much bass, and let the tube integrated do it's magic?
"Bass suffers in tube equipment"

Both my tube phonos (Audionote & Seduction) must think they are solid-state units then?

BTW, the Seduction retails at under $300 ...
Seduction in kit form without any upgrades?
which seduction are you using?
sorry, I was thinking sutherland...disregard the last post...

the seduction looks very nice...hmm...dilemmas
Ditto my EAR 834P also thinks it's solid state.
Sometimes tube equipment does actually 'think' it's solid state, but that thought is actually an unfulfilled Freud on Preamps.
Don't expect to necessarily "lose bass" with a tube phonoamp. Compared to solid-state tubes might show a little less bass control (if the rest of your system can reveal it), however weak bass would be the result of an impedance mismatch with the preamp or interconnects in relation to the output impedance of the phonostage, not of using tubes per se. In fact if you're comparing relatively inexpensive SS and tube phonostages, you might find that on average the SS ones could be leaner sounding overall. A possible disincentive to using a tube phonostage can be tube noise -- finding tubes with minimal "rush", microphonics, spurious little farts, squeaks or tones and resonant colorations in general, which can be laid bare in the high-gain environment of the phonostage. (The lower the gain, meaning a higher outupt cartridge is required, the less these problems are likely to intrude.) All in all you should try to choose based on sound quality in general and compatibility with your cart.
"Sometimes tube equipment does actually 'think' it's solid state, but that thought is actually an unfulfilled wish. cf Freud on Preamps"

LOL. :-)

Actually a number of transistor amps are voiced and marketed as sounding tube like. Never seen an ad for a tube amp that sounds like solid state. I don't think that will sell ...

My reference to the Seduction was to illustrate that one doesn’t have to spend silly $$ to get a good tube phono. It is a kit yes, but I am sure if you go on the Bottlehead forum Pablo find somebody willing build one for him for $100 or so. It really isn’t a difficult build.