All-time best recordings for romance

What is your vote for the all-time best hedonistic music--- music to set the romantic flames afire? PLEASE let's maintain the high road on this. I have no desire to see this most genuine inquiry turned into a discussion thread for jokes, porn, smut, etc. Thank you in advance for your good taste.
About 6 years ago or so, Sarah McLachlan was quoted in a blurb in Rolling Stone saying that Peter Gabriel's "Passion" was her favorite music to make love to. I can't fault her taste.
How about "Montovanti plays Lover's Favorites", or maybe a little "Prado Prado's Lover's Moonlight". Some might like things a little thrashier (not trashier) like say Pantera or Danzig. The question has so many answers for so many people. If during your youth or young adulthood you saw the films "Casablanca" from the 40's "As Time Goes By" could be a choice; "Picnic" from the 50's "Moonglow" may come to mind. "Elvira Madigan" from the 60's, Mozart's 21st Concerto 2nd Movement could certainly be in the running. "10" from the seventies Ravels "Bolero". I can think of sooo many romantic pieces but not necessarily one recording for all time that would necessarily fit the question posed. I remember when growing up my parents had an album made by Jackie Gleason called "Torch with a Blue Flame", they thought that was romantic. I can think back on my youth and the time prior to marrying my wife. Different recordings bring back different memories of the women in my life. When I hear them I can smile and remember the romantic times we spent together. At this moment my wife and I have OUR favorite which is quite romantic to us. It is called “Vicio” by Simone a Brazilian singer. Both of us love this album and I suppose it would come closer than any I can think of.
Anything by Marvin Gaye.
John Klemmer's Touch album. Guaranteed to positively and romantically affect all females except biker women. Good Luck.
I suppose each person has a slightly different concept of "romance". As a man in his late 50's, my all-time favorite "romance" album, which is also superb music, is Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". In a bit more recent vein, I also like the recordings done by Charles Lloyd over the past 10 years. "Fish Out of Water" and "The Water Is Wide" (his latest release) are both excellent. You might also check out some of the ballad recordings by some of the great jazz saxophonists, such as John Coltrane, Zoot Sims, Art Pepper, Ben Webster, Lester Young. Last, I'd suggest many of the recordings done by jazz piano giant, Bill Evans.
Wow, there are so many good ones. John Klemmer-Finesse, Chet Baker-The Touch of Your Lips, Johnny Hartman w/John Coltrane...much of Sarah Vaughn, some Nat Cole.... I don't think I could narrow it down to just one.
Diana Krall's and Natalie Cole's jazz ballads. Cheers. Craig
Whatjd With reference to Sarah Vaughn I really like her album "Coloring Book" on Mercury which brings back great romantic memories at a later time than the release for me. Unfortunately the recording is so poor but Ms Vaughn was at the height of her gifts when that album was made in the 60's. SD Campbell I also am a big Bill Evans and Miles Davis fan. "Kind of Blue" is a great album.
frank zappa: sheik yerbouti.
Cornfedboy, although a great album (I saw Zappa on this tour Halloween night @ the Felt Forum in NYC!) I wouldn't dream of listening to that for sex! Try just about any Tori Amos or Portishead, you'll do much better with the girlies!
kennyt. depends on whether you're into fish or camels (the animal, not the cancer stick). to each his own, eh? BTW, what the hell went wrong with your taste after the zappa concert? tori amos? portishead? i'd prefer eating my own vomit. but then the other apparently "sincere" posts on this thread would do tipper gore proud, too. fam124? sounds like you're heavily into "family values" and the abridgement of 1st amendment freedoms that's part of the pogrom.
Willie Nelson Stardust is also a winner in the romance category. I normally wouldn't suggest a c&w artist, but this album transcends the genre into romance.
try HUMBERTO RAMIREZ,album title,loves songs.incredible jazz ballards.
I think it depends who your with.If your with someone more conservative or classical, CANON from PACHELBEL, another classic would be the ADAGIO by ALBINONI, that one seems to turn any woman into that soft but yet firm substance called play-do! If they're more into commercial or soft rock, you could go for Chris De Burgh and his album "The love Songs", or maybe some Marvin Gay or Roberta Flack.For someone more ravy you have to listen to CAFE DEL MAR "volumen seis"(volume six)or the album "Tattoo" by Jay Jay Johanson and another good one would be "Sao Paulo Confessions" by SUBA. For someone more jazzy Diana Krall is a safe bet, or you could try the album "Deep Song" by Ranee Lee or maybe Holly Cole Trio "Don't Smoke in bed". Me, for my favorites, I would have to go with the language of love... French! Joe Dassin with the album "Les Plus Grandes Chansons" or listen to the album "Comic Strip" by Serge Gainsbourg, you have to listen to song number twenty(Je t'aime... moi non plus), this song, at the time(1969), was considered so HOT that it was censored from some countries like Spain, England,Italy,Sweden...hey, if it was censored in Sweden, it must tell you something!!! Another good one would be Jacques Brell, he is the one that wrote the song that was voted the most beautiful song of all time "Ne Me Quitte Pas", you might know this song from other singers like Nina Simone or Sting, as it was used by a lot of singers. Et voilà mes choix s'arrete là!
Nikko, "Mes choix s'arretent", pas "Mes choix s'arrete"!
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman. Is the all time greatest... No question about it.
Hartman & Trane, for sure...
Once, at band camp, I bumped uglies with a cute little flugelhorn player while listening to Type O Negative "Bloody Kisses". Since then, I haven't been able to "defy gravity" unless there's T-O-N in the air (I carry a CD, MD, and cassette everywhere I go just in case...).
I have to say, the first disc of Bill Laswell's Ambient Compendium (aka Dark Massive/Disengage), is excellent lovemaking music (although I still haven't found the best "seduction" music). I'm still looking to meet the woman who will want to make love to speed metal or Sousa. And I have to admit, if someone will make love to Zappa, she must have a great sense of humor.