All things Must Pass- High Rez Download SQ ?

All things Must Pass by George Harrison- High Rez Download.

Can anyone comment as to the sound quality of the High Rez 24/96 download ?
No one has purchased the High Rez download version?
Ozzy, I haven't heard the hi-Rez version but I'm as curious as you are. I wish there were a reputable and dependable review site for "hi-Rez" downloads. I'm sure you've also discovered that just because it's 24/96 doesn't mean it's gonna sound any better than Redbook.
Vhiner, yes ,I agree a high Rez version from a crappy original is still crappy no matter how many bits are included.
The ATMP cd was pretty muddy sounding. The 24/96 download has been available for quite some time now with no current review as to sound quality. I may take the plunge and down load it and post my own review.

A review section of the hi-rez downloads is just what I have been looking for. I am surprised given the price of the downloads that there isn't more discussion on there sound quality.
Perhaps the SHM SACD's sound quality could also be included in such a Forum.

Thanks for your comments.
I wish Stereophile and Absolute Sound would start a running data base of what's worth owning in Hi Rez and what is not. For example, I defy HD tracks to demonstrate that the 24/96 version of Raising Sand that they continue to sell is superior to the Redbook CD. The hi-rez version may be different, but it is not superior. HD Tracks frequently leaves out information about who has mastered a given dowload, whether the source has merely been up sampled,, etc. There is also a real question as to whether most of us can actually hear the difference between 96, 172 and 196. Perhaps if really great music by the best performers were recorded by the best engineers and mastered by the top masterers, we could determine this. So far, most of the hi Rez music out there is mediocre or has been produced by self appointed audiophile experts. Ever noticed how most "audiophile" label music sucks? "Exotic Dances" isn't my idea of a great way to sell a new medium. I'm still waiting to be impressed by Hi Rez. It ain't as good as high definition video.....yet.
Vhiner, you are so right. I just paid for a high Rez download on HD tracks of Allison Krauss Paper Airplane. It does not sound like high rez music to me.

On the other hand, I just recieved the SHM SACD of Sticky Fingers. Not night and day difference but it is an improvement over the Abko Release. Albeit at a very high price.

But George Harrison, All Things Must Pass must surely have sold a few High Def downloads but why no reviews ???

All Things Must Pass is a great work and I hope whoever did the hi-Rez release knew what he or she was doing. However, there just isn't the quality control with downloads that there is with physical discs. It's harder to make excuses or blame someone else's computer set up when the disc comes with a company's label on it. Anybody can post a download.

I do agree with your assessment of the Sticky Fingers release. I think Bob Ludwig was in charge of the hi-Rez remastering of that, if memory serves. Again, we really need a vetted list of hi-Rez releases that have been directly compared to the Red Book.

I certainly agree too. I purchased the DAD of Muddy Waters Folk Singer which is in 24/192 recently expecting to be blown away. Did it sound great, yes. Better than Redbook, not $30.00 better than the orginal.

It is the mastering and the way the music was originally recorded that makes the most difference not the format. It doesn't matter if it is analog or redbook or high rez.

I think it would be a great idea to start such a data base here on Audiogon. There could be a whole new section devoted to this on the homepage. The recording and all of its many iterations could be listed and Audiogoners could provide ratings for all to see.

I admire what HD Tracks is doing and believe they are providing a great service for audiophiles and the prices are correct. I've not downloaded many items, but one advantage HD Tracks has is that one can purchase and download one cut and try it out, then decide to purchase the whole album if you want to.

And Vance, I hear you about using your PWT to play back FLAC files. It does involve many steps and time. After doing all of that work, hoping to be blown away by the HiRez sound, and finding little or no benefit would be very disappointing. I don't remember if this was promised by PS Audio, but it would be great if the PWT could play FLAC files directly after being downloaded. I hope now that they have turned the corner on the Bridge, that they will devote some time to the PWT and have FLAC playback and while we are wishing, SACD, and DVD Audio as well but I doubt if all of that happens.
I agree with Sgr, the best way would be to do it ourselves here on Audiogon. Just start a thread with a title like Hi Res downloads that do or don't sound better than cd.
Ok, I'm gonna start a thread. Spread the word.
Here's the thread.
I downloaded Linda Ronstadt, Whats New off HD Tracks in 192/24 and it sounds absolutely incredible. I have the vinyl and the CD and the hi res download contains so much more information, its boggling.

Great news! Can you also post this to the "What High Res Releases Are Worth Buying?" thread?