All Things Must Pass

I've purchased Brainwashed and Cloud 9 vinyl from the February 24th Harrison releases and they sound great. The packaging is superb as is the pressing. They are advertised as being "remastered for vinyl from the original analogue stereo master tapes".  I can't tell if they were merely sourced from tape or if the chain is entirely analogue, but the sound is very impressive in any event. So, what about the big cahuna--All Things Must Pass. I have an original pressing that is wonderful (taking into account the hazy Spector effects) but noisy (a lot of surface noise throughout a few songs) as well as a 40th anniversary pressing. Has anyone conducted a comparison of either of the above with the newest version?
I have not heard any of the latest vinyl for All Things as I began phasing out my vinyl and went digital in the 80’s, but I clearly can recall the vinyl pressing I had back in the day as just plain awful - certainly by comparison to the remastered for CD box set in the 2000’s. Everyone back in the day was lamenting at the time how unfortunate that release was. We all sighed and said to ourselves "...maybe someday...". For those with digital, that day didn’t come until the remastered box set CD’s.

If there is indeed a vinyl version of All Things that is "remastered for vinyl from the original analogue stereo master tapes" then I can tell you that you likely are indeed in for a special treat - especially if all you’ve heard is that pressing I had.

But, I’m trying to rack my brain, now that I think about it, as to if there was any original release that sounded fine (perhaps originally??) and was then prematurely replaced by the horrible sounding one I and everyone else I knew experienced, but that was all too long ago for me now to know whether there really was indeed a rumor based on fact or if my memory is now playing tricks on me (seems like I’m getting old just thinking about it). But, in any case, I still have at least a hunch that a newer remastered version may well be worth your time and expense to seek out.

Good luck in your search.


Looking forward to purchasing the new All Things Must Pass. I also have the original LPs. On a modern system they reveal much better SQ and less wall-of-sound congestion than is remembered from listening during the ’70s. However the somewhat thin spectral balance could use some help... and I agree that excessive surface noise is a problem. In 1971 Time magazine dubbed Harrison "the heaviest Beatle of them all," and so he was.

The original Brainwashed LP has great SQ on all counts, and for those who didn’t get the first release, this album stands up as a worthy coda.

Amen to Brainwashed.It is a very strong album with great SQ. In fact, it is in a tie with Cloud 9, if not slightly ahead of cloud 9, as my second favorite Harrison album. (Living In the Material World has a few standouts but IMHO has too many clunkers). These two, together with ATMP are must haves for any Harrison or Beatle fan.
Anyone else on the new ATMP?