All Sonic Frontiers System - Bad Idea??

I have heard many Sonic Frontiers products in different systems, and have always liked them. I have a Line 1 SE, and am considering purchasing a Power 1 or 2, and an SFD1 or SFD2. Has anyone owned this combination(s)? If so, what were your impressions?


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Sonic frontiers stuff sounds beautiful. It has been a little less reliable than some of the gear from ARC and CJ which have never required repair. SF gear is cheaper than other comparable stuff. They are magical musical instruments that need help here and there.If You have the money do an all Audio research system it's worth the extra dough if you have it. I may be selling an SF Sig one phono and SFCD-1 soon in gold.
I don't know about their new stuff, but, ARC used to have a poor reputation for reliablity.
I had Power 3 for almost three years without having any problem. I currently own a Line 3SE for over two years and never have a problem. I will take SF over ARC anyday within the same price range, the build and sound qualities are better than any ARC gears I have ever owned.
I have SF Line 3 SE+ and a Power 2 SE+. Upgraded by Chris Johnson about 5 months ago. I will put this equipment up against MOST other equipment at more than double its price.
Reliability has NOT been a factor. Sound quality and imaging are phenominal.
I have a Phono-One, SFL-2, and a Power One and no complaints. I did upgrade the 6922 tubes to Brimars and the 6550s to KT 90s and the sonic improvement was noticeable. When I upgraded my turntable, the SFs equipment clearly passed the improvement down to the speakers which I guess is all one can ask. Excellent build quality and paraphrasing Semi a better bargain than the ARC at the same price level. Please don't think I'm bashing ARC because I've owned pre-amps and power amps from them also but I just believe you'll save money going the SF route. HTHs.
Thanks all. It would seem that I'm on the right track. I'm not at all concerned about reliability - I've owned SF preamps for 5 years with no issues whatsoever.
I upgraded (trade in) SFL-2 to Line 3 since 1998. I still own SFL-1, and a pair SFM-75 power amp. They have no problem whatsoever. Great products. For all who upgraded Line 3 to Line 3 SE, can you tell me the sonic significants. I try to justify the upgrade cost and effects. Any comments on the SE modification?