All out assault in a 11x15 room

I am looking for direction in upgrading my system within the current constraints of my room. I currently have a VPI Aries, Cary 300 cdp, Lamm LP2, Audio Research LS26, Manley Neo Classics into Coincident Super Eclipses. The room is treated with RealTraps mini's directly behind the speakers, on ceiling at first reflection point and behind the listening position. I have the speakers on the long wall (15ft), so I essentially listen in the near field.

I am looking at a possible amp and speaker upgrade while staying with a SET amp. The combinations I am considering are LAMM ML2.1/Kharma 3.2 or Verity Parsifal or Wilson Duette's.

The biggest constraint is using SET amplification and the fact that my ears will be approximately 7ft-8ft from the front baffle of the speaker.

Any thoughts would be appreciated on speakers, amps or combinations.

Why not ask "Johnk" about his single driver Seas Exotics loudspeakers? SET-friendly and obviating multiple driver integration issues with your near field listening constraint.
I heard the Wilsons in a small room last week, unless you're going to put the Duettes on a book shelf, I'd suggest listening to the Sophia IIs.

My Helsinki 1.5s work great with a 7' listening distance, but they aren't SET friendly.
I have a similiar room to yours, although slightly larger. Recommend something from Zu or Omega Loudspeakers. As for amplification, I'm a big fan of Red Wine Audio.
i've no major problems in my room, but its got 10 bass traps, and 9 wall panels.

best advice: before spending a cent on gear, go whole hog on the front wall. ck out my pics
I own Coincidents myself, and listen in the nearfield. I also used to have them in a fairly small room (13' X 15'). One of the biggest improvements I've made was putting them into a larger (17' X 25') room.

While I like most of their speakers, they really need a bit of room to breathe. Not that they overload the room in the lows so much as their height and sonic nature makes them a bit overly forward in such a room. I was able to achieve a bit of improvement by making long fiber wool in burlap room treatment like the Michael Greene RoomTunes, but I suggest also trying a smaller, more polite loudspeaker. I would also investigate a backloaded horn (Lowther, Fostex, etc.) loudspeaker.

The rest of your system sounds quite good, and I probably would stand pat that way for a while.
BLH cabinets can add much coloration if you sit close its a problem If you have some space not so much. If your looking at a full range for nearfield use fostex f200a fe138esr or SEAS exotics your best bet.