All Oppo hdmi sound quality the same?

Is there any "audio" quality difference between the latest Oppo players when strictly used as a hdmi transport out to a processor? For instance will the BDP 95 have lower jitter etc? Has anyone out there compared them on this basis?
From what I understand, No, it won't. Not thru HDMI.

If HDMI is the ideal interface for you, go with the BDP 93 instead.

The BDP 95 shines in it's application of 32 bit Saber DACs, and as a stand alone solution for disc replay.

HDMI does not use the better portion of the 95s build via the Saber chips.... though it does still have that added tech or bulk of a better power sup... so it might shine a wee bit better than the 93 via HDMI. From what I've heard so far of the 95s I'd opt only for the 93.... but that's just me.
I was looking at the 95, own a 981 and called OPPO. They said the digital output quality would not improve significantly. Owning more 2-channel disks than multi-channel, I went with a higher end system-matched transport with AES/EBU connections. The clarity, definition and life-like authority was immediately apparent.