All New Wharfedale Dovedale Loudspeakers : Giant Killers ?!

These speakers won one of the best-of-show awards from Audio Bacon at Axpona 2023 Show ! They are already on Backorder everywhere now !  

Are they Giant Killer ? 🤔😈😃



I’m not saying they can’t sound great, but it looks like each speaker weighs in at about 57 lbs., and at their size I’ve gotta believe those cabinets resonate significantly in the audible range.  Is this part of the design?  Any thoughts on this?

No - I consider “Giant Killers” are the very rare audio component that sonically punch way above their price point. This is just another good sounding speaker.

I read Audio Bacon review and am not sure how “….mesmerizing performance with a perfect balance of warmth, depth, and detail, making them a must-audition product for audiophiles who appreciate refined and emotionally engaging sounds” got interpreted as “Giant Killer” - am I missing something?

@soix Did you watch the linked YouTube video. At Axpona they were telling people about the excellent cabinet construction and claim they can also be placed almost anywhere since port noise is so low. They also have a 2-circuit board crossover network.