All New ROTEL MICHI GEAR // State-Of-The-Art

Great feedback the new $4K Rotel Michi P5 preamp and $7K M8 monoblock amp !

 The Rotel Michi S5 Stereo Amp is $7k with 500 watts
Can’t wait until the new Rotel Michi X5 Integrated amp comes on the market soon !

Rotel Michi gear is made in Japan too ! Built Quality will be really GOOD !

Not connected with Rotel in any way
I don't doubt that these Michi components sound great; but, highend666, you need to back off on the exclamation points.

The Mac preamps are NOT dark sounding.  If it sounds dark in your system, look elsewhere for the problem.  Your saying the preamp is designed dark without the tone controls is a fallacy.
Oh My ! 

 The All NEW  Michi X5 Integrated amp is sounding very fine ! 
You are so obsessed with Rotel! Or are you a dealer?
I wanted the McIntosh 611 . but i take the Michi m8 set , and yes its better for me than Mc , the Michi is made by the same people who make Classe Amplifier before the new delta models , why ? because the new Classe is now with Denon ,Marantz .and more. the Engineers from Classe go to Rotel to make the new Michi. that what the shop told me. so the new Michi is a bit an old Classe. and i use them on my  b&w 800 d3