All New ROTEL MICHI GEAR // State-Of-The-Art

Great feedback the new $4K Rotel Michi P5 preamp and $7K M8 monoblock amp !

 The Rotel Michi S5 Stereo Amp is $7k with 500 watts
Can’t wait until the new Rotel Michi X5 Integrated amp comes on the market soon !

Rotel Michi gear is made in Japan too ! Built Quality will be really GOOD !

Not connected with Rotel in any way
Look at these other preamps and amps that did not win a EISA AWARD in 2020 !  Michi gear is GOOD !

I don't know if the M8s are game changers or not, but I'm trying to find a dealer in TX that has the M8s so I can compare them to my Rowland 625 S2 amplifier as possible replacements to drive my Monitor Audio PL500 II speakers.
The new Michi monoblock amps retail for exact same price as the McIntosh MC611 monoblock amps which are $14k/pair,

Put them both on the used market in two years and see which brand brings the most $$$. However, I'm sure the Michi's sound fantastic. It's just when you start spending that kind of money ...resale would be high on my list 
Personally, my priority is sound, not resale value.
Resale value is also important to many of us. That’s why we buy on A’gon when possible.

But the sound warrior schtick is always a good sell.