All New ROTEL MICHI GEAR // State-Of-The-Art

Great feedback the new $4K Rotel Michi P5 preamp and $7K M8 monoblock amp !

 The Rotel Michi S5 Stereo Amp is $7k with 500 watts
Can’t wait until the new Rotel Michi X5 Integrated amp comes on the market soon !

Rotel Michi gear is made in Japan too ! Built Quality will be really GOOD !

Not connected with Rotel in any way
Regardless if the equipment is good or not, I would never spend that kind of money on anything named Rotel.  
I don't think that many will, at least in this country. I'm sure that they are very good.
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Game-changer, for sure!!!!!

How is it a game changer?  Is it because its their most expensive equipment to date?  Why would anyone spend a lot of money on a brand that is usually characterized as "inexpensive, but very good"?  When I sold audio in the 70's, Rotel was known as mid-fi and the only dealers who sold it were dealers that could not get credit lines from more prestiguious brands.  I am hearing "game changer" quite a bit, is that the new approved audiophile dribble?
With this all new Rotel Michi gear these very small speakers sound a lot BIGGER and sounds more.. REAL SOUNDING !
At the other end of the spectrum, and much more affordable, are the Rotel A11 and CD11 Tribute Series. These are units that Ken Ishiwata was working on when he passed away.

Rotel continued with Ken's vision and they sell for slightly more than the standard line. Sounds like a good way to enter into this hobby.

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@stereo5   Sorry, the /irony/ markers were invisible.

I thought I should say something here regarding the new Michi products. First of all, all new Michi products only bear Michi logo and you won’t see any Rotel name on them. And these new Michi products are designed and built on another different level than say Rotel or NAD or Marantz to name a few. You should see what’s inside those Michi gears. Even the new Michi stereo preamp (with onboard DAC) is equipped with two separate transformers power supplies, one for its analog circuitry and the other is for its digital circuitry since this preamp has onboard DAC. And all the components parts that go into all these new Michi amps & preamp are high grade components and all the units are double copper plated to isolate vibrations and prevent from other mechanical & electrical interferences as well as EMI/RFI. And all parts & components are very well shielded.

One of my audiophile buddy who happens to be a pro high end hifi audio reviewer for one well known hifi publication has recently heard the new Michi monoblock amps + stereo preamp combo driving the B&W 800 D3 and he told me they were very impressive. The music was sooo effortless highly musical sounding gears very smooth and excels in PRAT and other areas. He had a chance to compare them with the McIntosh MC611 monoblock amps + C47 preamp (the one that has onboard DAC) driving the same B&W 800 D3 and the new Michi monoblocks/pre combo were better in all areas. The new Michi monoblock amps retail for exact same price as the McIntosh MC611 monoblock amps which are $14k/pair, but the new Michi preamp costs less than the C47 pre but sounded better than the C47 both when used as a straight analog pre and digital pre (using the onboard DAC). They swapped back and forth between these two preamps with each of these monoblock amps.

So hope this would break your stereotype against Rotel. And again these new Michi products are on different level than the regular Rotel gears. They aren’t in the same league at all, they aren’t the same period and they don’t even bear Rotel logo on them. It’s like Lexus vs Toyota in automobile industry.

The Michi products are designed and built to compete in high end audio world and compete directly with those high end brands eg McIntosh, Classe, Levinson, Pass, Simaudio Moon, etc, etc.

The pre-amp looks like steal if the reviews are correct
Here’s a review on the new Michi P-5 Preamp and S-5 Stereo amp and this is same components in the upcoming.. Michi X-5 Integrated amp !

The Michi P-5 and S5 was one of the very best products of 2020 { State-Of-The-Art }.. and they won a EISA AWARD too !
Look at these other preamps and amps that did not win a EISA AWARD in 2020 !  Michi gear is GOOD !

I don't know if the M8s are game changers or not, but I'm trying to find a dealer in TX that has the M8s so I can compare them to my Rowland 625 S2 amplifier as possible replacements to drive my Monitor Audio PL500 II speakers.
The new Michi monoblock amps retail for exact same price as the McIntosh MC611 monoblock amps which are $14k/pair,

Put them both on the used market in two years and see which brand brings the most $$$. However, I'm sure the Michi's sound fantastic. It's just when you start spending that kind of money ...resale would be high on my list 
Personally, my priority is sound, not resale value.
Resale value is also important to many of us. That’s why we buy on A’gon when possible.

But the sound warrior schtick is always a good sell.
I’ve got a McIntosh C47. I m curious if the P5 Michi sounds that much better.
You have to use the tone control and boost the treble on the Mac pre as it is tuned to be dark with the tone bypassed. That may just be the difference that was heard in the mach up against the P5.

Resale value is still exceptional on my C47, as it is with all Mac gear😉
I don't doubt that these Michi components sound great; but, highend666, you need to back off on the exclamation points.

The Mac preamps are NOT dark sounding.  If it sounds dark in your system, look elsewhere for the problem.  Your saying the preamp is designed dark without the tone controls is a fallacy.