All New Martin Logan ESL X ?

I went and listened to these next generation ESL X’s and they are much improved over the older ESL’s they replaced. The highs, midrange, and bottom end are all a lot better with these new ESL X’s. The soundstage is much improved with a bigger sweet spot than the older ESL’s too.

I like these speakers better than the Spatial Audio Turbo S Open Baffle speakers, everything just sounds much more like real music being played in the room. I’m hooked for life now.

I listened to these ESL X’s with a McIntosh MA8000 Integrated amp and it was a great match for these ESL X’s.

Has anyone else here heard these latest ESL X’s?

I'm sure these new  ML ESL-X/McIntosh combo sound a whole lot better than my Aerius i speakers being driven by my vintage MC2200 amp.
I must say, it's hard to be believe they sound as good as they do after so many years...I think MC2200 was discontinued around 1983.

I'm now wondering if these Wells Audio Majestic Integrated amps would be a better match with these Martin Logan's than the McIntosh MA8000 ?
Like a baby Summit, I think the mids may be a bit coloured though as the xover is high at 400hz.

Where in the Summit it was 270hz, and even that to me was a bit high.

As I’m used to 150hz with the Monoliths and thats with a 24db/octave low pass on the ACI SV12, the factory Eminence driver was cheap rubbish, a very one note sound.

Cheers George

When listening to these latest Martin Logan's, I stop judging them and just enjoy the music.

When listening to other types of speakers, I always end up judging them a lot more than just enjoying them.
This is why some of us own systems that are worth more than a our car, we seek perfection in the music replayed to us by our systems.

Sorry I look at it a different way, I do love the final result, when all gels and the music presented has no compromises.

But if I didn’t judge and analyze and repair, I wouldn’t have changed the bass driver in the Monoliths (and it was rubbish), I would just have just got onto the merry go round of changing speakers instead of owning the same pair now 15 years.

And sorry do find it hard to accept that a sub base driver with far more mass can combine in the critical 400hz midrange with the super light esl x panel, it’s fine to mix them down low <200hz but up this high to me is a compromise.

We will see what the reviews/ers say when they come out.

Cheers George.


Using a crossover below 400Hz does not result in better sound, you just lose the mid-bass.

With your big Martin Logan speakers you could use a crossover at 315Hz or even at 370Hz with no problems.

Sorry no chance, the speed of an esl in the mids (400hz) is a compromise when mated with a slower dynamic bass driver, it's a price/size compromise there will be colourations, but will still be listenable if you don't mind. 
That's why the CLS/X and other full range esl's sound so coherent through that area. 

Cheers George

These Wells Audio Majestic Integrated amps sound like a tube amp, I bet they would be a great match for these Martin Logan’s


Martin Logan has come a long ways since you bought your Martin Logan's many years ago.

Go listen to the all new Martin Logan Renaissance ESL 15A's, I bet they are better than your speakers.

I have a friend with the latest Summit X, they are great and I would have these if I lived in a unit or town house, but they are well behind what my mod’ed Monoliths can do with sound staging, imaging, scale and lack of colouration ect.

Mine now, with especially with how my bass is now set up, is more closely related to the Neoliths than any other ML. esl.

And now they also have the latest tech esl panels which seem to be identical in dimensions and shape as the Neolith’s, just the foam segregations spars are at different distances, they may even be interchangeable with the M.L. Neolith.

Cheers George
I'm waiting for the new Martin Logan Classic ESL 9's to come on the market in a few months. This speaker is a much smaller version of the Renaissance ESL 15A's, made for smaller rooms.


Shawn has some Martin Logan CLX's and some Martin Logan Renaissance 15A's too. You can find out what he thinks about these new ML Renaissance's.


Someone who does not like Martin Logan ESL’s at all, needs to listen to them with a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Tube Integrated Amp.
So George, are you saying 400Hz is too high for crossing over to the ESL panel or it should be lower?  I have the older Aerious i ESLs with the Xover at 450Hz and I always thought the bass unit is spread "too thin" trying to cover such a broad range of frequencies. Is that because the ESL panels can't go lower in frequency to off-load the bass with more midrange? I would think a Xover of around 100Hz and a slightly larger - 10", woofer would provide better integration assuming the ESL panel could go that low.
So George, are you saying 400Hz is too high for crossing over to the ESL panel
.Yes, to me small narrow esl panels can’t go low enough, so the bass has to be bought up to it, and to me they don’t marry well at these very sensitive midrange areas, it’s a compromise but still very listenable.

The proper fix to me would be to have a much faster lighter cone 6-7" midbass unit to match the speed of the esl’s at 400-500hz and then have a 10-12" 10-12" bass unit below that at 150-100hz but that’s going to be complex and expensive.

The other fix is to have a bigger wider esl panel that can go down to 150hz like the Monolith and Neolith and then have a good 10-12" dedicated bass unit.

Cheers George
@reference999 Are you a dealer? Cheers,

No, I'm not a dealer.
You all might want to look at next month’s Issue of Stereophile Magazine. The all new Martin Logan ESL 15A is on the cover.

These all new Martin Logan ESL’s are the real deal.
Has anyone compare esl to esl x? I live in condo so prefer size of esl! 
George I don't have that problem at all with my Final electrostats as they are full range stats without a crossover.