All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!

Some are saying these A5's are Giant Killers ! 
As GOOD as the M Series ?... 
Sound Stage Review coming Soon ! 
 Not connected with Magico in any way
So a 300W Stereo Boulder was fine, but a 600W Mono Bryston is not?
Perhaps what you are trying to say is that at a 1/4 price of the Boulder, the Bryston, is not as good?
Try the Pass INT-250, see what you think.
@sciencecop  I don't dispute that I am not a Magico fanboy like yourself, BUT i don't bash Magico at every opportunity, no need to. Yes, I am a 'lovely' person, are you? or are you just another nasty little troll?
Last I have checked a "fanboy" is a derogatory term. You have used it twice, without any real provocation, in your four posts, and on a Magico thread, where it is only reasonable to find Magico enthusiasts. Is that how you ended up barred from audio forums?
@mheinze  I wouldn't know, how did you get banned from audio forums?
Perhaps you were trying to provoke arguments? --;0)
I own magico q5’s and was driving them with a Vitus sis-025 integrated amp with no issue for several yrs. 125 watts per channel. I have since changed to separates and the configuration of my system. But the Vitus had no issue. Not to say a more powerful amp didn’t make some bottom end improvement. Though I was quite happy for several yrs. I have never heard the magico A line but I can’t imagine it requires more power then the Q5’s. Sorry you feel you are having an issue daveyf. But maybe it’s your room or speaker positioning. Or possibly though unlikely your amp. I have owned a lot of speakers and I am definitely not a “fanboy” as you put it. If I change speakers one more time it would be a move to the magico M series. Best of luck solving your issue.