All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!

Some are saying these A5's are Giant Killers ! 
As GOOD as the M Series ?... 
Sound Stage Review coming Soon ! 
 Not connected with Magico in any way
Here at Brooks Berdan we're waiting to receive our very 1st pair of
Magico A5's ! Looking forward to finally being able to demonstrate them.

Thank you, looking forward to auditioning them.
Prior to purchasing the A5, I have auditioned A3 and S5 mkII, both driven by boulder 1160 stereo amp. I was much impressed by the sound. I have always wanted a magico speakers since that Audition. And the release of A5 it matched the price Point and the specs wise. But my bryston 7b sst2 obviously not enough to drive the A5. 
So a 300W Stereo Boulder was fine, but a 600W Mono Bryston is not?
Perhaps what you are trying to say is that at a 1/4 price of the Boulder, the Bryston, is not as good?
Try the Pass INT-250, see what you think.
@sciencecop  I don't dispute that I am not a Magico fanboy like yourself, BUT i don't bash Magico at every opportunity, no need to. Yes, I am a 'lovely' person, are you? or are you just another nasty little troll?
Last I have checked a "fanboy" is a derogatory term. You have used it twice, without any real provocation, in your four posts, and on a Magico thread, where it is only reasonable to find Magico enthusiasts. Is that how you ended up barred from audio forums?