All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!

Some are saying these A5's are Giant Killers ! 
As GOOD as the M Series ?... 
Sound Stage Review coming Soon ! 
 Not connected with Magico in any way
My hearing or not hearing this speaker changes nothing about how it acts with the partnering amp...
I think it does. These are just opinions. Other people, including myself, say that you don't need a "huge monster amp to drive it," but you, of course, choose to concentrate on some random negative comment from someone with one(!!) AG post. You been thrashing Magico anywhere you can, don't you have better things to do?
@mheinze  I am not a Magico fanboy if you are asking that, and I don't get upset when someone offers an opinion of my speaker. You own A3's, good for you, so when i stated that they didn't impress me, you didn't like that...too bad. I have heard Magico's that did impress me, so saying I thrash Magico's anywhere I can is not accurate. I do have better things to do...question is--do you? Like I said before, have a nice day.

Tell us, which Magico impressed you? 
I would not bother too much with these haters. Daveyf1 has been bashing Magico for years, even manage to get his ass kicked out of few other forums just for being the ’lovely’ person he is.

Here at Brooks Berdan we're waiting to receive our very 1st pair of
Magico A5's ! Looking forward to finally being able to demonstrate them.

Thank you, looking forward to auditioning them.