All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!

Some are saying these A5's are Giant Killers ! 
As GOOD as the M Series ?... 
Sound Stage Review coming Soon ! 
 Not connected with Magico in any way
not really. A quick search shows that a few years ago the CS5i were going for only under 4k bucks which would also be negotiable.

There are plenty of big heavy objects you can buy that cost very little. Bricks, concrete, cast marble etc. Aluminium has a nice finish so that is another reason it is used. There is no proof that the Magico method works or that it cant be done more cheaply. 
You could mount your drivers in the wall at a fraction of the cost and it would be far more inert.

We are talking new price which was 10k in 1999 vs the cost to make them today. You are off your rocker if you think they could produce that speaker for 4k today.  There is at least 6K in wholesale raw drivers and caps alone. They are only cheap on the used market and mainly because everyone knows you need a seriously expensive amp to drive them and a HUGE room. Much like the IRS Betas are cheap today vs the cost to manufacture them in 2020. Speakers that are power hungry and need big ass rooms are not in fashion now with the WAF.
kenijit  what do you have that is better than MAGICO nothing I'm sure.
nothing more than a hatchet to bury and gears to grind.  That one has a serious lack of business understanding and a real conspiracy theory bot.