All New Magico A5 Loudspeakers // Biggest "BANG" For Your BUCK On The Market ?!

Some are saying these A5's are Giant Killers ! 
As GOOD as the M Series ?... 
Sound Stage Review coming Soon ! 
 Not connected with Magico in any way

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kenjit1,065 posts
09-15-2020 7:33pm
I wasnt talking about the MUON. I was talking about the cheaper kef Q550. Can you prove to me that the Magico are better? I challenge you to prove it to me glupson

How about, for something different, you prove that you are right?
Prove that they are not better than the Q550.
nothing more than a hatchet to bury and gears to grind.  That one has a serious lack of business understanding and a real conspiracy theory bot.