all linn, or mix & match??

I am considering a pair of linn keilidhs. I currently have a receiver based theater system (sony 555es, snell type d mains). I want to upgrade the electronics as a 2 channel system looped into the theater, replacing all speakers with linns (except my sub) I was considering Linn's classik for its value and simplicity, but am wondering if there are any integrated amp/cd player recommendations that have a combined cost of about 2K that should also be considered. I do plan to add an outboard amp to the classik as soon as funds allow, probably an LK140 or thereabouts, to get a more dynamic result. I know that Linn products have always had a synergy about them, and I am cheifly interested in an involving and emotional system. I listen to mostly rock (classic to metal) and upbeat fusion type jazz. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
I owned a Classik w/ tuner for about three months bfore upgrading(?) to linn separates. The sound of the Classik is very close - it is an excellent piece that holds its own amongst high end separates. It has enough power to satisfy most requirements - even moderate-volume intense listening. The great thing about the Classik is living with it. It is a pleasure to use and it exudes a sense of quality and sophistication. Setting the timer/alarm to wake up or fall asleep to a particular track on a CD - what a pleasure! The tuner is also excellent - with a decent signal it sounds as good as CD. As you noted if you crave more power you can add a second amp to bi-amp, or to use it as a source/pre with outboard amp. I also own Keilidh's and contrary to much of the bad press out there they sound great with electronic music and stuff like Radiohead and Pulp. Poorly recored rock sounds, well, poorly recorded. Jazz, Classical, and other acoustic sounds superb - but not in your face. To answer your innitial question, I wouldn't mix and match Linn components because they work so well and look so good together, why mess that up. (if LINN appeals to you, you must agree that aesthetics count!) As far as mixing LINN speakers with other electronics or vice-versa? Why not. I used a Majik with Castle Durham 900 speakers and it was a superb combination. If I were to go with any other brand it would be, without a doubt, - REGA. In mny opinion REGA is similar in quality to Linn, but at 60% of the price actually represents much better value.
Thanks Neubilder--I am leaning towards the Classik, and you have pushed me even closer. Unless I can find a $2K Int amp/CD that has more power without ruining the sound. Does rega make an Int amp??
whats up!!! hey man ! to start your linn rig on a budget try and find a used linn pretek preamp and powertek pwramp!! you can find this pair cheaply cause its a deleated line---i found these for $300 fro a guy that was closing down a studio--you may find these for $500 somewhere else!!! i'm telling you this combo kicks major ass--all the detail and pace and dynamics of LINN!!!!! AWSOME!! just cause the line has been deleated to make way for a new line-- dont mean squat!!! i would consider this and add new as you go along---every one sais match with linn and i think they are right!! i mean they test their stuff atthe workshop with all their own products and its made to match--i've tried other equiptment(with my rig) and it sounds good but the all linn rig just opens every thing up!!!! kelidihs are happening---i've heard that the tukans matched with a sub(rel) is better--better imaging and dynamics----check it out!!
right... - Rega has recently come out with a new chassis for its products that is very, very nice looking - and solid, but you should also be able to pick up a used REGA Mira Integrated for around $500 and a used planet also for around 500. The REGA RADIO can also be found for around 400.(I really like the look of the old version as well - solid all aluminum case) The Mira is +/- 60 or 70 Watts into 8 ohms and 95 into 4 ohms. Compared to 75 into 4 Ohms for the Classik. It also has full remote - motorized volume ctrl. I agree with Joolz about the pretek/powertek thing but (and someones gonna have my head for this) I personnally NEED a remote. Not because I'm lazy, but because I think being able to make subtle adjustments from the listening position - whether it be from a chair or bed on Sunday morning - is necessary. Th Rega is very sweet and refined sounding but not as laid-back as the Linn.
i would recommend against the linn classik - the cd-player in it will prolly be obsolete in a *very* short time. then, what are ya gonna do? no one will wanna buy it from ya used at a decent price... nothing against linn sound - i had a kairn myself for several years, & i think linn speakers & cd-players are very nice... doug
Hmm, the powertek/pretek idea sounds interesting. My keilidhs are now on the way, so I better start looking. Does anyone know where I might find info on that or on the Rega gear--I would like to familiarize myself. I couldn't find the Powertek in the Orion bluebook---does it go by another name? Also, what's a good CD player for the pretek/powertek? (approx $400-$800) I am not worried about it being "obsolete" in a few years---all of them will, IMHO. Thanks again for everyone's excellent input!!!! You've all been very helpful so far.
A good new CD Player is the Audio Refinement Complete. I owned one for a short while and found it to be very "musical". Ended up giving it to my stepson or I would have it now. It was a little over $600.00 used though I have seen them go for less in the past three months. I preferred it to Arcam's 7SE and 8SE as well as Rotel's 971 due to its warmth. For $1000.00 you can buy the Musical Fidelity A series player from Audio Advisor, this player has received rave reviews - have not heard it myself. If you want to go cheaper you mught consider the Cambridge 500 or the Ah! Tjoeb, neither are to my taste but again many people like them and I could have just experienced a bad demo. I auditioned the Tjoeb at home but did not bother to isolate it which was definatly a mistake due to its tube output stage.
the linn pretek and powertek are hard to find--i've been looking for another poweramp for biamping and its been a long search but i aint givin up-- linn also done an intergrated amp in the same line called INTEK!!if you find one of these get it and you can add a powrtek when you find one! i was i london a couple of months ago and i saw an INTEK for 250 pounds/bout $330 u.s--there is an idea of how much you might spend// you might want to get LINN cables as well and they are not exspensive--i'm using nordost blue heavens that are slightly better but MORE exspensive// as for a cd player you might want to look for a used LINN MIMIK for $500 to get ya startd then upgrade as you feel like!! maybe a LINN GENKI
If you would rather listen than obsess over your hi-fi - to what will continue to be a very high standard for at least the next five years (IMO), the Classik is perfect. I am a bit obsessed so I sold the Classik and went to separates. I don't buy into the linn Philosophy of source first - mostly because sources seem to come and go - why spend 2 grand on a source that will be obsolete in a couple of years? Get a rock solid amp/pre and speakers and have fun plugging different stuff into it. If it happens to be a 2K Genki all the better - but I do think manufacureres are milking us for what the formats are worth.
linn's obsession w/"source first" started ~25 years ago, w/the lp. i tink it's not out of line for vinyl, & the sondek is still a competitive player in the turntable biz. i'm happy w/my oracle, tho - looks *do* matter, if the sonics are still there! :>) i think the preamp is wery important. upgrading to a really nice tubed-unit has pretty much made irrelevant my choice of cd-player in the $3500 & less category - no need to investigate further, cuz even used, a $3.5k cd-player ain't in *my* budget! my $500 nad cd-changer is as good as i need w/my gnu preamp. doug
i think we've got off the beaten trak a bit// i think we are all gona do his head in!!! instead of hrs of auditioning and headaches i think its worth it to get some used linn gear--i mean its exellent kit and will do ya keilidh's justice--and used wil be a bargain!!!remember the BUDGET!! dont cut my head off guys but if somthing is obsolete i dont think its a problem-if it sounds good and the company still in buisness NO PROBLEM! hell! i got a friend that has a 1960's garrard turntable in a great plinth and thats the best turntable i've heard beats cd hands down--he's still able to maintain his kit after its production of 35 yrs ago---just tryin to help--over n out
i tink linn stuff is nice, but i wouldn't tie-down a nice amp-n-pre, or an integrated, w/a built-in cd-player when ya *know*, in a couple years, a few hundred bucks worth of digital-playback equipment will *kill* any ~$1k cd player being made today. this is my only take on the obsolescense thing. doug
Hey guys, don't worry about messin with my head---I am in A/V sales for a great specialty retailer. But we focus mostly on A/V, and don't do much with specialty 2-ch hifi. I am well aware of the advancements made in digital tech, but I think Joolz is right--if it sounds good, and has synergy, then so what??? Enjoy the music. I have owned some cool theater stuff (lexicon, meridian) but it never MOVED me like my first 2ch rig. (adcom, rotel) So I simply want to recapture the MUSIC enjoyment I once had. I heard a friends Linn, then saw some Keilidhs for sale cheap, and here we be!!!!!! But truly, you guys have been helping tons--I have narrowed down to a Classik, Majik/Mimik (I too gotta have that remote!), and two dark horses--the Rega Mira or a Rotel RA985 (I am a dealer for this--so the price is good!) Only problem with the last two is---matching a CD player. And the uncertain result. at 11, until I can actually hear a few of these when my Keilidhs show up next week!! BTW guys--this is tough, but it 's good to be on the other side of the fence. Gives perspective. And again, thanks tons!!!!
Hey Ehm3, looks like your ship has come in... Have you seen the Linn LK1/LK280, and the LK1/Lk2 setups that just got listed?
I am on it--questions, however. There appear to be 3 diff versions of the LK1, and 2 different LK280's (I am assuming this is not a Spark, though) Is the std 280 a lot better than the LK2, and is the spark upgrade still available? Also, is the LK1/LK2 significantly better than a Majik?
The Majik/Mimik combo sounds good, and I've seen them on the net for around $700 apiece; likely to sound similar to the Classik and more versatile. Arcam CD players work well with Linn, too. If we're talking about Linn synergy, don't forget cables. I found a really nice improvement with my Keilidhs when I switched from Audioquest to Linn K400 biwire cable. Also, K400 is supposed to sound better than double runs of K20, according to the helpline on the Linn website. Linn interconnects are good--better than the Kimber PBJ that I compared them to at home. Good luck!
Addendum to previous post: I forgot to mention that I had an Intek before I bought the Majik. I wouldn't recommend the Intek at this point. It has more grain and glare than the Majik, and no remote.