all linn, or mix & match??

I am considering a pair of linn keilidhs. I currently have a receiver based theater system (sony 555es, snell type d mains). I want to upgrade the electronics as a 2 channel system looped into the theater, replacing all speakers with linns (except my sub) I was considering Linn's classik for its value and simplicity, but am wondering if there are any integrated amp/cd player recommendations that have a combined cost of about 2K that should also be considered. I do plan to add an outboard amp to the classik as soon as funds allow, probably an LK140 or thereabouts, to get a more dynamic result. I know that Linn products have always had a synergy about them, and I am cheifly interested in an involving and emotional system. I listen to mostly rock (classic to metal) and upbeat fusion type jazz. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

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i would recommend against the linn classik - the cd-player in it will prolly be obsolete in a *very* short time. then, what are ya gonna do? no one will wanna buy it from ya used at a decent price... nothing against linn sound - i had a kairn myself for several years, & i think linn speakers & cd-players are very nice... doug
linn's obsession w/"source first" started ~25 years ago, w/the lp. i tink it's not out of line for vinyl, & the sondek is still a competitive player in the turntable biz. i'm happy w/my oracle, tho - looks *do* matter, if the sonics are still there! :>) i think the preamp is wery important. upgrading to a really nice tubed-unit has pretty much made irrelevant my choice of cd-player in the $3500 & less category - no need to investigate further, cuz even used, a $3.5k cd-player ain't in *my* budget! my $500 nad cd-changer is as good as i need w/my gnu preamp. doug
i tink linn stuff is nice, but i wouldn't tie-down a nice amp-n-pre, or an integrated, w/a built-in cd-player when ya *know*, in a couple years, a few hundred bucks worth of digital-playback equipment will *kill* any ~$1k cd player being made today. this is my only take on the obsolescense thing. doug