All Japanese system

Hey all, I was wondering, just for fun, if anyone could take a shot at "designing" an all Japanese system (including, amp, preamp, CD, turntable, cartridge, speakers, interconnects) at the price point of $7000 used. I have a friend who is interested, and I'm sort of out of my element here. He is looking for that "characteristic Japanese sound" ;)

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Here's a start, there's an Air Tight ATC-3 tubed preamp on here for $1400 and an Accuphase A-20V Class A solid state amp for $2250 that would make a great amplification core to the system. Then how about a pair of Yamaha NS-1000M beryllium dome speakers for $1250. That's $4850. We could add a cd player from say accuphase for around $2K and then cheap out on cables, but I can't get you an analog system for that budget as well. Fun exercise thought thanks!
Thanks! I guess my problem is knowing which components are not only Japanese, but "Japanese sounding" (whatever that means) ;)
I know that a lot of Japanese enthusiasts like the big, old-school Tannoys w/the pulp concentric drivers. These might cost you a good bit themselves.
If you ask a Japanese person about what sound they like, they may well answer: McIntosh and Tannoy!
Aball, don't forget JBL, Altec, Marantz, and other fine vintage gears.
Wow, so no one but me up to the challenge, eh? Ah well!
How about new?

Almarro M2A speakers: $2600/pr.
Almarro A5070A integrated tube amp: $2250
47 Labs OTA interconnects kit: $600
ICL-/Softone Model 3 CD Player: $1500

$6950 and spring a few more bucks for Anti-Cable speaker wires while I look for something Japanese.

Almarro M3A speakers: $2900/pr.
Almarro A318B integrated tube amp: $1850
CEC TL-51XZ Belt Drive System CD Player: $1600
Luxman JPX-10000-R RCA Interconnect: $289
Luxman JPS-10000 Ultimate Speaker Cable 3m: $809


This is all new...
213cobra -

I'm curious about the CDP, which I would use as a transport primarily. Have you heard this player? Price is right but by the time shipping and duties are applied it could be just as easy to snag a CEC transport.
Hmmm....I forgot a TT, arm, cartridge, phono preamp. So, let's make room for them:

Almarro Korro 3033A System: $3350
(A318B integrated tube amp + M33A speakers)
47 Labs OTA interconnects kit: $600
Dynavector DV75 phono preamp: $600
Technics SL1210Mk5 turntable, with some KAB options: $69
Denon DL103 moving coil phono cartridge: $260
ICL-/Softone Model 3 CD Player: $1500

$7,000 and spring a few more bucks for Anti-Cable speaker wires while I look for something Japanese.

I heard the ICL-Softone CDP once. I was impressed. The simple FET analog output section is clean and sweet and the digital processing is smooth. I have a Softone 300B amp which is loaded with big-T TONE and the digital gear is designed to a similar standard. As a transport only, the unit is exceedingly well-built and it's more compact than the CEC, as I recall.

Typo....I left out a zero on the price of the KAB Technics TT above. Should be $690 allocated, to yield a $7,000 system, all new.