All in one solution for bedroom system. Suggestions from all appreciated.

I have Salk Song3 speakers that i need an integrated to power. I think I will be plugging my MacBook pro into it for Roon/Tidal listening.  Solid State is my preference because I'm a low maintenance type. The right preamp/amp combo might work also. I thought Audio Alchemy would serve me but I don't want many pieces. Anything from a few hundred dollars to $5000. Suggestions please.

I have been using the NuPrime IDA-16; an itegrated DAC/amp that I'm completely happy with. You might want to check it out.


I looked up the NuPrime. It would serve my purpose. I'll do some more research. Thank you.

Sounds like a Hegel Rost would be a perfect match. Disclosure: we're a Hegel dealer. However, there are a number of similar options such as the Simaudio Ace and many more that would have plenty of power for those speakers with good built-in DACs, etc.
Hegel and Sim Audio are excellent. You bought my Ushers, right? How are you? If i go with Hegel I will definitely touch base. 
I may have you mixed up with a guy that goes by Everest here in the U.S. I have been intrigued by both brands though.
Sorry, you have the wrong guy. We're a dealer in Canada. I hope you find a good match. I believe your speakers are supposed to be an easy drive, so you have lots of options.
I would check out the Bluesound audio equipment. The amp is the Power Node 2 and would match great with your speakers. If you have a HDD with digital files you can play all those files too and stream music. If you have an extensive CD collection you could get the Vault 2 and rip your CDs into FLAC files. That could marry up with the amp as well. These would also work wireless and wired and allow you to explore MQA on Tidal. You could get Roon, Spotify or any other streaming service you might like. All is well under your $5k top budget amount. I have the Node 2 and it sounds tremendous and is fun. BTW your smart phone or tablet becomes your controller, choose your music from your bed.
If analog is your choice (with) a good turntable I would check out the Parasound Halo integrated amp. It’s right at half your total budget and if you did not like the internal phono preamp you could upgrade to a better one with left over cash. My two cents..
I will look into the Bluesound stuff. I had Parasound Halo JC 1 and JC 2 previously so I know how good Parasound can be.

+1 Bluesound Node 2

I recently put together a small bedroom system with a
Node 2 functioning as a Roon endpoint, an Acurus two channel amp, and Radio Shack bookshelf speakers with cool Linaeum ribbon tweeters that had long been in storage. There is no need for a preamp, as a smart phone or tablet controls volume and streaming from Tidal and Roon files and playlists from the main system NAS. It’s a simple lifestyle system with good performance!

I don’t have a Bluesound but I do have a Sonos with a W4Sound mod so +1 on the streaming node in general. Hook this up with Tidal or Deezer Elite service that streams FLAC 16/48 with an integrated that has a good DAC and you could have a very simple system that sounds really good. Mostly controlled by a phone/tablet app.

MY buddy gave me a 20 year old PS Audio 200 watt power amp and I racked it up in the garage and topped it with a Sonos Connect. Then found some Polk Audio speakers on sale at my local dealer and hung those on the back wall. Total investment <$600. Had it going loud one day and then I got a text from my neighbor across the street , "WTF!?" he says. I didn’t realize with the brick wall, drywall and concrete floor I had just fired up a sound cannon pointed directly at my neighbor ....oooops :).
I agree that the Bluesound Powernode 2 is an excellent piece. It won't match something like the Hegel Rost in terms of sound quality, but at its price point, it is really very impressive.
Which amps are MQA capable? I listened to 'Sea Change' by Beck and i believe in the technology. MQA is not a dealbreaker but might tip the scales.
Unibox quality build: would an ARCAM SOLO NEO or NAIM Uniti or Qunitiqute do it for you?
I'm interested in Naim and Arcam. Uniti would fill the bill. I got one in my feed not coincidentally. Lol.
I own the Bluesound Powernode 2. It’s okay if your budget is under $1k. But you can do better if you spend more than that.

I’m considering upgrading to unibox marantz pm7000n, or maybe something a little higher than that if I can find something better for $1.5k or less. marantz is not mqa. Powernode is but my experience is that to get the MQA benefit in SQ you need to go up the food chain from Bluesound. (for example, I also have a $2k Teac NT505 dac and there I totally hear the SQ difference of MQA -- not so much with Bluesound).  YMMV

Good luck.
I'll second the recommendation of the Nuprime IDA series. I have an IDA-8 and think it's a remarkable bargain. Perfect for a small or all-in-one system.