All In One Recommendations

Our friend mechans aka The Doctor passed away in the early part of 2020.  He was an active, passionate, and knowledgeable contributor here and AA.  Although he acquired a lot of wonderful sounding audio kit, and his wife shares our demand for excellent sound, she now seeks a more streamlined solution.  That means integrated amplifier with MM / HOMC phono input, as well as on board streamer / DAC.

Looking around, I see NAD offers a line of integrateds that would suit.  I have a NAD streamer / DAC with preamplifier and phono input in one of my tertiary systems, and while certainly not the best sounding component I have, it's quite competent.  I really like its BluOS, and hard to fault overall at the $1750 price point.

Although she would consider taking a different route with that same model preamp, the preference at this time lies with an integrated that does it all.  Along those lines, any other recommendations when it comes to an all in one solution beyond the NAD lineup?

Thanks to all...


Good to see you back @trelja even if it's as the bearer of bad news!

A great sounding, modestly priced option is the ATC integrated (from the speakers people); I listened to one and found it amazingly good for the price -- IIRC less than 2k -- which even included a user-adjustable phono to match the cartridge!

While I haven't heard them personally, I've read many good things about the Cambridge Audio Evo 75 and 150, $2250 and $3000 respectively.

Many thanks for all the great suggestions + kind words!  It's certainly good to catch up with some of the folks here.

The ATC suggestion compels, as does the Schiit.  And I'd not heard of the Audiolab, which also sounds worthy.  Based on knowing it would represent a warmer, more fleshed out counterpoint to the leaner, perhaps more insightful and incisive NAD, it seems like I should dig deeper on the Cambridge suggestions.

Again, my sincere appreciation to everyone

@dekay thank you for laying everything out.  I'm very happy to hear things are going as well as they are for you, David!  Are you still in the western NY region?

As for me, I'm still in the Philadelphia area, but split time in Vancouver, BC.  It's surprising about participating on Audiogon in my 20s, and sit here today a grandfather.  Life has taken me down a really great path, audio and otherwise, and though I've retired twice, like to keep myself busy, and am fortunate to work in a field that continually pursues.  I've encountered some outstanding components with friends, at shows / demos / dealers, and a fair number come through my system, either bought, borrowed, or friends wanting to give them a listen in my place.  I sell things off, and still have more than I need, but a lot of the current lineup are keepers.  I've found happiness + contentment, which unfortunately eludes too many in such hobbies